Battlesites and Massacres Table of Contents

Michael has a BA in History & American Studies and an MSc in American History from the University of Edinburgh. He comes from a proud military family and has spent most of his career as an educator in the Middle East and Asia. His passion is travel, and he seizes any opportunity to share his experiences in the most immersive way possible, whether at sea or on the land.

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Abilene Community
Acres and Wm. Wilson, Anna
Adams, Henry; Henry Robinson
Adams, Robert
Adobe Walls
Adobe Walls, Second Battle of
Agua Chiquita Canyon
Agua Dulce Creek
Alamosa Community
Albany Community
Alexander and Welch Children
Alexander, Amos R.
Alexander, Mrs. Mary
Allen, Banty
Allen Brothers and Others
Allen and Bob Sampson, Joe
Allen, John O
Amarillo Community
American Ranch
American/English Camp
Anadarko Reservation
Anderson County, Texas Historical Markers
Anderson Faulkenberry Slayings
Andrews County, Texas Historical Markers
Angelina County, Texas Historical Markers
Angling, Private
Animas Mountains
Antelope Creek
Antelope Hills
Apache Mountains
Apache Pass
Apache Settlement, Spanish Destroy
Apache Springs
Apaches Ambush Spanish Expedition, 1743
Apaches, Spanish-Comanche-Wichita Force Defeats
Aquarius Mountains
Aransas County, Texas Historical Markers
Aravaipa Canyon
Aravaipa Mountains
Arbuckle, Union Pacific Workers Killed at Fort
Archer County Active Battle Map
Archer County, Texas Historical Markers
Arhelger, Henry
Arizona Historical Markers - Northeast
Arizona Historical Markers - Southeast
Arizona Historical Markers - Southwest
Arizona/So. California Forts
Arkansas Heritage Trail Maps
Arkansas Heritage Trail Map, Central
Arkansas Historical Markers
Arkansas Historical Markers - Central Eastern
Arkansas Historical Markers - Eastern Northwest
Arkansas Historical Markers - Midwest
Arkansas Post
Armstrong County, Texas Historical Markers
Arnolds African Boy
Arroyo Baluarte
Arroyo San Roque
Arroyo Seco Fight, Karnes
Ash Creek Battle
Ash Creek (Kansas)
Ash Creek Valley
Ash Hollow
Atascosa County, Texas Historical Markers
Austin-Civil War Era
Austin County, Texas Historical Markers
Autry Museum, Gene


Babb Family
Baby Canyon
Babyhead Mountain Mystery
Baca's Wagon Train
Bad Rock Mountain
Baggett, Jowell and Bettie
Bailey and John Stump
Bailey, John
Bailey, William and D.B. Green
Bailey County, Texas Historical Markers
Baker, Benjamin Franklin
Baldwin Attacks Cheyennes at McClellan's Creek, 1874
Ball, James and William
Ballew Introduction, Bob
Ballinger Community
Bandera County, Texas Historical Markers
Bandera Pass
Barilla Springs Station (Stories 1 and 2)
Barnard's Trading Post No. 2
Barnes and His Mexican
Barry, Col. Buck
Barry, James (Buck)
Barry's 1861 Fight, Captain
Barry's Indian Encounter, Buck
Barry's Indian Fight in McCulloch County, Col. R.B. (Buck)
Barry's Life on the Bosque, Buck
Barry's Texas Indian Reservations, Buck
Bartley, Doctor
Barton, Mrs. Lem
Bascom Affair
Bass Canyon
Bastrop Blood Trail
Bastrop County, Texas Historical Markers
Bastrop Indian Attack
Battle Creek Burial Ground (Engagement)
Battle Creek, Comanche Turned Over to Tonkawas on
Battle Island
Battle Rock
Battleground Prairie
Bavispe Mountains
Baylor, John R.
Baylor County, Texas Historical Markers
Beale and Maxey Families, Indians Assault the
Beale's Springs
Bear Creek
Bear Creek (New Mexico)
Bear Creek Redoubt
Bear Creek Station
Bear River
Bearpaw Battlefield
Beaver Creek
Beaver Lake
Bee County, Texas Historical Markers
Beech, Ben
Beecher's Island, Battle of
Beene, John Pruett
Bell and Coryell Counties, Bloody Raid in
Bell County, Texas Historical Markers
Benevides's Ranch
Bennan's Prairie
Benson & Son, Killing of
Bent's Fort
Berg, Mr. and Henry Grobe
Berry and Boy, Andrew
Berry's Indian Fight in McCulloch County, Col. R.B. (Buck)
Bertram, Indian Fight About Nine Miles Southwest of
Best and Others Follow Indians to Nolan County, Lt.
Bevers Stories, George R.
Bexar County, Texas Historical Markers
Big Bend
Big Bushes
Big Creek/Vinegar Hill
Big Dry Wash
Big Flat
Big Foot Wallace
Big Hole Battle and Battlefield
Big Horn River
Big Lake
Big Meadows/Big Bend
Big Mound
Big Raid in Young County, 1864
Big Rump Canyon
Big Sandy Creek
Big Timber
Big Tree's Bloody Raid
Big Tree's Raiding Ground
Bill Williams Mountain
Billings, James
Binion, Lum Tedford and Sam
Birch Creek Battle
Birch Creek, ID
Birch Creek/Pilot Rock, OR
Bird Creek Battlefield
Bird Creek Indian Battle
Bird's Creek Battle
Bird's Fort
Bishop, George
Bishop's Creek
Black, Mr.
Black Mountain
Black Range
Blackwater Spring
Blackwell, Ben
Blackwell, Upton
Blair, James Francis
Blairs Daughters, Indian Alarms Mr. & Mrs. C.C.
Blanco Canyon
Blanco County Active Battle Map
Blanco County, Texas Historical Markers
Blood Trails
Bloody Raid in Bell & Coryell Counties
Bluewater Creek
Bodamer's Fight
Boehm's Fight
Bogy at Mouth of Verdigris, Choctaws Attack Joseph
Bolt, Sam Brooks and M.J.
Bone Pile Creek
Bonham Community
Bonito Canyon
Boone's Station
Borden County, Texas Historical Markers
Boren, Mack
Bosque County Active Battle Map
Bosque County, Texas Historical Markers
Bosque Redondo
Bottorff, John F.
Bowie County, Texas Historical Markers
Bowie and Others Fight on the San Saba, James
Bowles and the Battle of the Neches, Chief
Bowles, John Davenport and John
Bowman, Miss Sallie
Box Family
Box's Fort
Boyd, Almond
Boyd, Pleasant
Brackett Family Massacre
Brackettville Community
Bradberry, James
Bradweiser, Killing of
Brady Community
Branch; Elias Brown, J.D. Creeth and George
Brandon Raid
Brannon, Steve; and Grandma Cohen
Brazoria County, Texas Historical Markers
Brazos County, Texas Historical Markers
Brazos Indian Reservation
Brazos Trail Brochure
Breckenridge Blood Trail
Breckenridge Community
Brewster County, Texas Historical Markers
Bright and Baby, Indians Charge Mr. & Mrs. John
Briscoe and Capture of their Children, Massacre of Mr. & Mrs. Isaac
Briscoe County, Texas Historical Markers
Brogdon, W.H. Steadham and Matt
Broken Bow Community
Brooks and Others Fight in Young County, L.P.
Brooks County, Texas Historical Markers
Brooks, M.J. Bolt and Sam
Brown, A. Burrell
Brown, Billy
Brown and Coleman Counties, Indian Raid in
Brown County Active Battle Map
Brooks County, Texas Historical Markers
Brown; J.D. Creeth, George Branch and
Brown, John
Brown, Mrs. J.
Brown, Savages Storm the Home of Mr. & Mrs. F.C.
Browning, Frank & Josephus
Brownsville to Houston, Journey Through Civil War
Brownwood Community
Bruneau Valley
Brushy Creek, Battle of
Bryant and African, Rigman
Buckalew, Berry C.
Buffalo Bill Cody
Buffalo Gap Community
Burleson County, Texas Historical Markers
Burleson's Fight
Burnet Community
Burnet County Active Battle Map
Burnet County, Texas Historical Markers
Burnet County, Indian Fight in the Northwestern Part of
Butterfield Overland Mail Route Stations
Butterfield Stage


Caballo Mountains
Cache Valley
Caddo Creek
Caddos and Others Raid Bastrop with Choctaw Tom
Caddo Hill, Choctaws Fight Caddos at
Cage's Fight on Leon Creek, Captain
Caldwell County, Texas Historical Markers
Calhoun Children
Calhoun County, Texas Historical Markers
California/Arizona Forts
California Battles (Los Angeles & San Diego)
Callahan County Active Battle Map
Callahan County, Texas Historical Markers
Callan, Capt. J.J.
Camas Meadows
Cameron County, Texas Historical Markers
Camp Austin
Camp Boveda
Camp Bowie
Camp Colorado, Indian Raid North of
Camp Cooper
Camp County, Texas Historical Markers
Camp d'Asile
Camp Date Creek
Camp Dix
Camp Floyd
Camp Grant Massacre
Camp Hualpai
Camp Hualpai Scout
Camp Independence
Camp Irwin
Camp Leavenworth
Camp McGarry
Camp Verde
Camp Victoria
Camp Warner
Camp Waul
Camp Wichita
Camp Willow Grove
Canada Alamosa
Canadian River, Headwaters of the
Canelo Hills
Cannon Branch Fort
Canyon Creek, Battle of
Canyon de Chelly
Canyon de los Muertos Carneros
Careless Creek
Carmeans, James Tankersley and James
Carr Battles Tall Bull's Cheyennes
Carrizo Canyon
Carrizo Springs
Carrollton, Johnson & Proffitt
Carson County, Texas Historical Markers
Carter, C.C.
Carter and Davidson
Carter Brothers and Others in Stephens County, Indian Surround
Carter, Robert
Caruthers, Ben & John; Lim Vaughan
Casas Grandes
Cascades of the Columbia
Casin, Grandpa
Cass County, Texas Historical Markers
Cassady's African, Mr.
Castillo de San Marcos
Castleman's Cabin Massacre
Castro County, Texas Historical Markers
Cathey and Johnnie (Jack) Hale, Martin
Cave Creek
Caves, The
Cavins, A.
Cavness, Tom
Cazeau Wagon Train
Cedar Canyon
Cedar Creek, Battle of
Cedar Gap
Cedar Springs
Central Arkansas Heritage Trail Map
Central Hill Country, 1861
Central Texas Forts
Chacon Creek (Battles 1 & 2)
Chahta Tamaha
Chambers County, Texas Historical Markers
Chapman, Andy
Chapman at Burton Spring, Killing of
Chappell Hill Blood Trail
Charco Largo
Cherokee Battle, Christmas, 1839
Cherokee County, Texas Historical Markers
Cherokee-Tehuacano Fight
Cherokee and Waco Fights
Cherokee War
Cherokees Attack Osage Caravan, 1821
Cherokees Attack Tawakonis on Brazos, 1829
Chetco River
Cheyenne Attack on Julesburg and Fort Rankin
Chick Bend Mountain, Crawford Fight on
Chickamauga, Rock of; (George H. Thomas)
Chicosa Arroyo
Chief Mosholatubbee
Childress County, Texas Historical Markers
Chimney Point
Chiricahua Mountains/Tex Canyon
Chiricahua Pass/Pedregosa Mountains
Chisholm Trail Brochure
Choctaw Agency
Choctaw Capitols
Choctaw Tom
Choctaws Attack Bogy at Mouth of Verdigris, 1807
Choutea's Post, Cherokees Attack
Chowchilla River
Christal Brothers, Mysterious Disappearance of the
Christesson Family
Chuska Mountains
Cibecue Battlefield
Cienega Amarilla
Cimarron Crossing
Cimarron Crossing (Later Years)
Cisco, Citizens Charge Indians Near the Present Town of
Citizens, Rangers and Soldiers Retaliate
Citizens and Soldiers Follow Indians After Killing of George Hazlewood and Attack on Old Ledbetter Salt Works
City of Rocks
Civil War Era-Austin
Civil War Era-Houston
Civil War Sites
Clark, Alvin
Clark Shoots Indians, Hol
Clark's Fort
Clay County During 1871, Montague County Citizens Fight Indians in
Clay County Active Battle Map
Clay County, Texas Historical Markers
Clear Creek
Clear Fork (Fort Griffin)
Clear Fork of the Brazos River
Clear Fork Crossing
Clear Lake
Clearwater, Battle on the
Clermont's Village, 1817, Cherokees Massacre
Click, Thomas
Click's Experience with Indians in Brown County, Creed M.
Cloverdale Canyon
Clovis Community
Coastal Texas
Coalson's Residence, Indians Charge Nick
Cobb's Fight
Cochran County, Texas Historical Markers
Coeur d'Alene
Coffer, Mrs. Lewis
Cohen, Steve Brannon and Grandma
Coke County, Texas Historical Markers
Cold Springs
Cold Springs
Coldwell, Jack
Cole, Savages Attack Sampson and Billy
Coleman Counties, Indian Raid in Brown and
Coleman County Active Battle Map
Coleman County, Texas Historical Markers
Coleman's Suffer Indian Attack
Coleman's Fort Leg
Colley, Color or Colter, Fred
Collin County, Texas Historical Markers
Collingsworth County, Texas Historical Markers
Collins, Lewis
Colorado County, Texas Historical Markers
Colorado Depredations
Colorow's War
Colt Canyon, Citizens Encounter Indians in
Comal County, Texas Historical Markers
Comanche Canyon
Comanche Community
Comanche County Active Battle Map
Comanche County, Texas Historical Markers
Comanche During February of 1861, Bloody Fight Near
Comanche Nation
Comanche Peak, South of
Comanche Turned Over to Tonkawas on Battle Creek
Comanche Village, Spanish Attack
Comancheria Historical Markers
Comanches and Allies Battle Osages, 1824
Comanches and Wichitas Attack Osages, 1789
Comanches Massacre Skidi Pawnees, 1819
Conchas Springs
Concho County, Texas Historical Markers
Concho River, Headwaters of the
Concho River, North
Concho River, North Fork of the
Confederate Era
Congillon River
Connell's Prairie
Conrad, Joseph
Cook, Mr.
Cooke County Active Battle Map
Cooke, Denton and Montague Counties, Raid Through
Cooke and Montague Counties, Big Raid into
Cooke County, Texas Historical Markers
Cooke's Camp
Cooke's Canyon
Cooke's Spring
Coonis, Frank
Cooper Family
Coquille Massacre/River
Coryell Citizens Kill Indians Near Ferry
Coryell Counties, Bloody Raid in Bell and
Coryell County, Texas Historical Markers
Cottle County, Texas Historical Markers
Cottonwood Canyon
Cottonwood Fights
Cottonwood Springs
Couch, Chancy
Council House Fight
Covaness, Jasper and Jim
Cove Fort
Cow Creek
Cow Creek, MT
Cow Island Battle
Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
Cox Kills Indian, Don
Cox Was Severely Wounded, Indian Fight in 1864 When Don
Cox, Bud Hollis and Ed
Cox, Levi Current and Green
Cox Mountain Fight
Cox, Capt. Will R. Peveler and State
Crane County, Texas Historical Markers
Cranfill, Lynn Boyd
Cravens, Wesley
Crawford Fight on Chick Bend Mountain
Crawford, African Brit Johnson, Dennis Cureton and Paint
Crazy Woman Creek
Crazy Woman's Fork
Creek Council Ground
Creek War/Horseshoe Bend
Creeth; George Branch, Elias Brown and J.D.
Crockett Community
Crockett County, Texas Historical Markers
Crooked Creek
Crooked River
Crosby County, Texas Historical Markers
Cross Plains
Cross, William
Crow Agency
Crow, John
Cry Unheard*

*This wonderful book, written by Doyle Marshall, is about the story of Indian attacks in and around Parker County, Texas. Mr. Marshall generously donates all proceeds of the sale of this book to the Abandoned Cemetery Association of Parker County.

Cryer, David
Cuchillo African Creek
Culberson County, Texas Historical Markers
Culver's Men Encounter Indians, Captain
Cureton, Captain J.J.
Cureton, African Brit Johnson, Paint Crawford & Dennis
Cureton's Wolf Creek Fight, Captain J.J.
Current, Green Cox and Levi
Currey Creek, Capture on
Curtis' Slave, Joe
Custer Battlefield Museum
Custard's Wagon Train Fight


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