Sioux Nation Forts

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Northern Plains Sioux Nation

Ash Creek, Battle of | Big Mound | Bluewater Creek | Cedar Creek, Battle of | Crazy Woman Creek (NP) | Custard's Wagon Train Fight (NP) | Dead Man's Fork (NP) | Dull Knife Fight | Fetterman Fight | Fort Laramie Fight | Frenchman Fork | Grattan Fight | Hayfield Fight | Killdeer Mountain | Leech Lake Fight | Little Bighorn, Battle of | Little Blue River Raid (NP) | Little Muddy Creek | Meeker Massacre | Milk Creek | Minnesota Sioux Uprising | Mud Springs (NP) | Platte Bridge (NP) | Plum Creek Massacre (NP) | Powder River Battle | Powder River Battle 2 (NP) | Red Buttes/Fort Dilts (NP) | Rosebud Battle | Slim Butte, Battle of | South Loup (Southfork) River | Spring Creek | Tongue River (NP) | Tongue River II | Wagon Box Fight | Warbonnet Creek, Battle of | White Clay Creek | Whitestone Hill (NP) | Wolf Mountain, Battle of | Wounded Knee

North Central United States Frontier Historical Map

The Sioux and Northern Cheyenne struggle with the United States is summarized on the pages below. The pre-Civil War conflicts can be found on the Fort Laramie page. Red Cloud's war is covered on the Fort Phil Kearny page and the climax on Custer Battlefield Museum page.

West Sioux Nation Map
Mid Sioux Nation Map
East Sioux Nation Map
Northern Plains Battle Map
Northern Plains Battle Map

Fort NameState

Drawing of Fort AbercrombieAbercrombie, FortND
Picture of Fort AtkinsonAtkinson, FortNE

Thumbprint picture of Black Butte StationBlack Butte StationWY
Picture of Fort BufordBuford, FortND

Picture of Fort CasperCaspar, FortWY
Picture of Custer Battlefield TombstoneCuster Battlefield Museum MT

Thumbnail of Devil's Tower PictureDevils Tower National Monument WY


Picture of Fort FettermanFetterman, FortWY

Thumbnail of Picture at Grand Portage National MonumentGrand Portage National MonumentMN

Thumbnail of Fort Halleck PictureHalleck, FortWY
Picture of Fort HartsuffHartsuff, FortNE
Thumbnail of Hell's Half Acre PictureHell's Half AcreWY

Thumbnail of Independence Rock PictureIndependence Rock WY
Thumbnail of Picture of Indian Cave State ParkIndian Cave State Park NE


Picture of Fort Kearney Kearny, FortNE
Picture of Gate at Fort KeoghKeogh, Fort MT

Thumbnail of Lac qui Parle Mission PictureLac qui Parle MissionMN
Picture of Fort LaramieLaramie, FortWY
Picture of Blockhouse at Fort Abraham LincolnLincoln, Fort AbrahamND

Picture of Fort MandanMandan, FortND
Picture of Fort McPhersonMcPherson, FortNE
Picture of Medicine Lodge Archaeological SiteMedicine Lodge WY
Thumbnail of Minnehaha Falls PictureMinnehaha Falls MN
Thumbnail of Picture of Mount RushmoreMount Rushmore SD
Thumbnail of the Museum of the Plains Indian PictureMuseum of the Plains Indian MT

Thumbnail of Picture of North West Company Fur PostNorth West Company Fur Post MN

Picture of Fort OmahaOmaha, Fort NE

Picture of Fort Phil KearnyPhil Kearney, Fort WY
Picture of Fort PierrePierre, FortSD
Thumbnail of Pioneer Cabin PicturePioneer Cabin MT
Thumbnail of Pioneer Memorial Museum PicturePioneer Memorial Museum WY
Thumbnail of Items at Pioneer Village Museum PicturePioneer Village Museum NE
Thumbnail of Chief Plenty Coups State Park PicturePlenty Coups State Park, Chief MT
Thumbnail of Pompeys Pillar National Monument PicturePompeys Pillar National MonumentMT


Picture of Fort RandallRandall, FortSD
Picture of Fort RenoReno, FortWY
Picture of Fort RiceRice, FortND
Picture of Fort RidgelyRidgely, FortMN
Picture of Fort RobinsonRobinson, FortNE
Thumbnail of Rock Creek Station PictureRock Creek Station NE
Picture of Fort RussellRussell, Fort D.A.WY

Picture of Fort SandersSanders, FortWY
Thumbnail of Scotts Bluff National Monument PictureScotts Bluff National Monument NE
Picture of Fort Sisseton

Sisseton, FortSD
Picture of Fort C.F. SmithSmith, FortMT
Picture of Fort SnellingSnelling, FortMN
Picture of Fort St. CharlesSt. Charles, FortMN
Thumbnail of St. Ignatius MissionSt. Ignatius MissionMT
Thumbnail of St. Mary's Mission PictureSt. Mary's Mission MT
Picture of Fort Fred SteeleSteele, Fort FredWY
Thumbnail of the Stuhr Museum PictureStuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer NE

Thumbnail of Theodore Roosevelt National Park Entrance PictureTheodore Roosevelt National Park ND

Totten, FortND

Union Trading Post, FortND


Picture of Fort WashakieWashakie, FortWY

Picture of Fort YellowstoneYellowstone, FortWY

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