Central Apacheria Battles

Michael has a BA in History & American Studies and an MSc in American History from the University of Edinburgh. He comes from a proud military family and has spent most of his career as an educator in the Middle East and Asia. His passion is travel, and he seizes any opportunity to share his experiences in the most immersive way possible, whether at sea or on the land.

Part of our in-depth series exploring the forts of Apacheria

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Apache Mountains

Title: Apache Mountains
Location: Miami
Date: April 4, 11 and 12, 1871

Aquarius Mountains

Title: Aquarius Mountains
Location: Wikieup
Date: ca. January 15, 1867

Aravaipa Canyon

Title: Aravaipa Canyon
Location: Klondyke
Date: May 7, 1863

Aravaipa Mountains

Title: Aravaipa Mountains
Location: Southeastern Arizona
Date: April 28, 1874

Ash Creek Valley

Title: Ash Creek Valley
Location: Fort Thomas
Date: May 7, 1880

Baby Canyon

Title: Baby Canyon
Location: Black Canyon City
Date: December 30, 1872

Bad Rock Mountain

Title: Bad Rock Mountain
Location: Central Arizona
Date: December 11, 1872

Bascom Affair

Title: Bascom Affair
Location: Fort Bowie
Date: February 4-10 and 19, 1861

Beale's Springs

Title: Beale's Springs
Location: Kingman
Date: May 30, 1867

Big Rump Canyon

Title: Big Rump Canyon
Location: Roosevelt
Date: July 8, 1868

Bill Williams Mountain

Title: Bill Williams Mountain
Location: Williams
Date: June 10, 1872

Black Mountain

Title: Black Mountain
Location: Cottonwood
Date: April 10, 16, 17 and 18, 1867

Bonito Canyon

Title: Bonito Canyon
Location: Fort Defiance
Date: February 8, 1860

Camp Hualpai Scout

Title: Camp Hualpai Scout
Location: Central Arizona
Date: May 19, 1872

Camp Willow Grove

Title: Camp Willow Grove
Location: Kingman
Date: March 21, 1868

Canelo Hills

Title: Canelo Hills
Location: Canelo
Date: March 21, 1883

Canyon Creek

Title: Canyon Creek
Location: Central Arizona
Date: January 10 and December 1, 1874

Cave Creek

Title: Cave Creek
Location: Cave Creek
Date: October 27, 1874

The Caves

Title: The Caves
Location: Central Arizona
Date: September 18, 1876

Chuska Mountains

Title: Chuska Mountains
Location: Chinle
Date: October 13-28 1860

Cienega Amarilla

Title: Cienega Amarilla
Location: Window Rock
Date: January 17, 1860

Davidson Canyon

Title: Davidson Canyon
Location: Sonoita
Date: August 27, 1872

Deer Creek

Title: Deer Creek
Location: Fort Grant
Date: October 6, 1870

Difficult Canyon

Title: Difficult Canyon
Location: Chloride
Date: January 14, 1868

Dragoon Mountains

Title: Dragoon Mountains
Location: Gleeson
Date: October 4, 1881

East Verde River

Title: East Verde River
Location: Central Arizona
Date: January 19 and December 4, 1873; July 1, 1875; January 12-14, 1877

Fish Creek Canyon

Title: Fish Creek Canyon
Location: Tortilla Flat
Date: January 24, 1864

Forks of Tonto Creek

Title: Forks of Tonto Creek
Location: Payson
Date: June 16, 1873

Four Peaks

Title: Four Peaks
Location: Roosevelt
Date: May 17-18 1874

Gallegos's Fight

Title: Gallegos's Fight
Location: Pine
Date: February 13, 1866

Hardscrabble Creek

Title: Hardscrabble Creek
Location: Central Arizona
Date: September 23, 1873

Hassayampa River

Title: Hassayampa River
Location: Wickenburg
Date: December 15, 1864

Hell Canyon

Title: Hell Canyon
Location: Drake
Date: November 25, 1872; February 6, 1873; April 5, 1878

Israel-Kennedy Wagon Train

Title: Israel-Kennedy Wagon Train
Location: Oracle
Date: May 26, 1870

Little Colorado River and Expedition

Title: Little Colorado River and Expedition
Location: Eastern Arizona
Date: ca. June 15 and July 9-21, 1864

Mazatzal Mountains

Title: Mazatzal Mountains
Location: Central Arizona
Date: December 13, 1872

Mescal Creek

Title: Mescal Creek
Location: Coolidge Dam
Date: May 29, 1864


Title: Mojave
Location: Mojave
Date: January 9, 1859

Muchos Canyon

Title: Muchos Canyon
Location: Bagdad
Date: September 25, 1872

Music Mountain

Title: Music Mountain
Location: Truxton
Date: July 9, 1867

North Peak

Title: North Peak
Location: Payson
Date: January 30, 1877

Oraibi Expedition

Title: Oraibi Expedition
Location: Northeastern Arizona
Date: November 15 to December 4, 1863

Pinal Creek

Title: Pinal Creek
Location: Burch and Miami
Date: August 5, 1864 and April 2 1874

Pinal Mountains and Expedition

Title: Pinal Mountains and Expedition
Location: Globe
Date: December 24, 1859; July 28 to August 4, 1864; March 8, 1874

Pueblo Colorado Expedition

Title: Pueblo Colorado Expedition
Location: Northeastern Arizona
Date: August 5-19, 1863

Red Rock Canyon

Title: Red Rock Canyon
Location: Sedona
Date: July 4, 1875

Riconde Massacres

Title: Riconde Massacres
Location: Northeastern Arizona
Date: December 11, 1863

Rio Bonito

Title: Rio Bonito
Location: Safford
Date: March 27, 1863

Salt River

Title: Salt River
Location: East-Central Arizona
Date: ca. July 1, 1871

San Carlos River

Title: San Carlos River
Location: San Carlos
Date: June 7-8, 1864

Sierra Bonita

Title: Sierra Bonita
Location: Duncan
Date: April 7, 1864

Skirmish Canyon

Title: Skirmish Canyon
Location: Miami
Date: August 1, 1870

Skull Cave

Title: Skull Cave
Location: Tortilla Flat
Date: December 28, 1872

Snow Lake

Title: Snow Lake
Location: Snowflake
Date: November 25-26, 1874

Sunset Pass

Title: Sunset Pass
Location: Winslow
Date: November 1, 1874

Superstition Mountains

Title: Superstition Mountains
Location: Apache Junction
Date: March 25, 1874

Sycamore Springs

Title: Sycamore Springs
Location: Cordes Junction
Date: January 1, 1865

Tonto Basin

Title: Tonto Basin
Location: Payson
Date: June 25, 1879

Tonto Creek

Title: Tonto Creek
Location: Payson
Date: January 22, 1873; October 4, 1876; January 21, 1877

Turret Mountain

Title: Turret Mountain
Location: Cordes Junction
Date: March 27, 1873

Walker's Fight

Title: Walker's Fight
Location: Globe
Date: March 31, 1866

Whetstone Mountains

Title: Whetstone Mountains
Location: Huachuca City
Date: May 5, 1871

The Willows

Title: The Willows
Location: Kingman
Date: November 7, 1867

Yampai Valley

Title: Yampai Valley
Location: Truxton
Date: June 14, 1867

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