Northwest Battles

Michael has a BA in History & American Studies and an MSc in American History from the University of Edinburgh. He comes from a proud military family and has spent most of his career as an educator in the Middle East and Asia. His passion is travel, and he seizes any opportunity to share his experiences in the most immersive way possible, whether at sea or on the land.

Part of our in-depth series exploring the Mountain Pacific Forts

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Fall River Lava Beds

Title: Fall River Lava Beds
Location: Northern California
Date: July 2, 1857

Fort Baker

Title: Fort Baker
Location: Bridgeville
Date: April 26, 1862

Humboldt Bay Area Skirmishes

Title: Daley's Ferry
Location: Arcata
Date: June 6, 1862

Title: Fort Anderson
Location: Blue Lake
Date: April 6, 1862

Title: Humboldt Bay Massacre
Location: Eureka
Date: February 25-26, 1860

Title: Kneeland's Prairie
Location: Eureka
Date: May 2, 1864

Infernal Caverns

Title: Infernal Caverns
Location: Northeastern California
Date: September 26-28, 1867

Klamath Cave and Ferry

Title: Klamath Cave and Ferry
Location: Yreka
Date: January 26 and May 24, 1854

Mattole Valley

Title: Mattole Valley
Location: Petrolia
Date: June 7, 1862

Oak Grove

Title: Oak Grove
Location: Oroville
Date: March 1, 1853

Round Valley

Title: Round Valley
Location: Covelo
Date: January 13, 1860

Russian River

Title: Russian River
Location: Healdsburg
Date: May 19, 1850

S. Fork Trinity River

Title: S. Fork Trinity River
Location: Forest Glen
Date: April 22, 1852

Smith River

Title: Smith River
Location: Crescent City
Date: June 7, 1851

Surprise Valley

Title: Surprise Valley
Location: Cedarville
Date: August 22, 1867

Terwaw Flats

Title: Terwaw Flats
Location: Klamath Glen
Date: November 17, 1857

Thomas's Ranch

Title: Thomas's Ranch
Location: Burnt Ranch
Date: November 13-14, 1863 and May 27, 1864

Tulelake Area Skirmishes

Battle of the Stronghold

Title: Battle of the Stronghold
Location: Tulelake
Date: January 17, 1873

Ben Wright Affair/Black Bluff

Title: Ben Wright Affair/Black Bluff
Location: Merrill, Oregon
Date: ca. November 15, 1852

Bloody Point

Title: Bloody Point
Location: Tulelake
Date: September 1852

Canby Massacre

Title: Canby Massacre
Location: Tulelake
Date: April 11, 1873

Hardin Butte/Lava Beds

Title: Hardin Butte/Lava Beds
Location: Tulelake
Date: April 26, 1873

Land's Ranch

Title: Land's Ranch
Location: Tulelake
Date: December 21, 1872

Lava Beds

Title: Lava Beds
Location: Tulelake
Date: April 15-17, 1873

Lost River

Title: Lost River
Location: Merrill, Oregon
Date: November 30, 1872

Scorpion Point

Title: Scorpion Point
Location: Tulelake
Date: May 7, 1873

Sorass Lake/Dry Lake

Title: Sorass Lake/Dry Lake
Location: Tulelake
Date: May 10, 1873

Van Duzen's Creek

Title: Van Duzen's Creek
Location: Dinsmore
Date: April 14-15, 1861

Williams Valley

Title: William's Valley
Location: Covelo
Date: April 9, 1863

Willow Creek

Title: Willow Creek
Location: Weaverville
Date: November 17, 1863

Willow Creek Ridge

Title: Willow Creek Ridge
Location: Dorris
Date: May 19, 1873


Big Creek/Vinegar Hill

Title: Big Creek/Vinegar Hill
Location: Big Creek
Date: July 29, 1879

Birch Creek

Title: Birch Creek
Location: Monteview
Date: August 15, 1877

Bruneau Valley

Title: Bruneau Valley
Location: Bruneau
Date: February 15, 1865

City of Rocks

Title: City of Rocks
Location: Almo
Date: September 12, 1862

Clear Creek

Title: Clear Creek
Location: Kooskia
Date: July 1, 1877

Cold Springs

Title: Cold Springs
Location: Malta
Date: July 27, 1859

Cottonwood Fights

Cottonwood Creek/Craig's Mountain

Title: Cottonwood Creek/Craig's Mountain
Location: Cottonwood
Date: July 3, 1877

Cottonwood House

Title: Cottonwood House
Location: Cottonwood
Date: July 4, 1877

"Brave Seventeen" Fight

Title: "Brave Seventeen" Fight
Location: Cottonwood
Date: July 5, 1877

Fort Lemhi

Title: Fort Lemhi
Location: Baker
Date: February 25, 1858

Lake Massacre

Title: Lake Massacre
Location: Boise
Date: August 19, 1854

Miltimore Massacre

Title: Miltimore Massacre
Location: American Falls
Date: August 31, 1859

South Mountain

Title: South Mountain
Location: Silver City
Date: June 8, 1878

Utter Fight/Castle Creek

Title: Utter Fight/Castle Creek
Location: Grand View
Date: September 9-10, 1860

Ward Massacre

Title: Ward Massacre
Location: Caldwell
Date: August 20, 1854

Weippe Prairie

Title: Weippe Prairie
Location: Weippe
Date: July 17, 1877


Careless Creek

Title: Careless Creek
Location: Ryegate
Date: April 17. 1879

Clark's Fork

Title: Clark's Fork
Location: Belfry
Date: September 4, 1878

Cow Creek

Title: Cow Creek
Location: Blaine County
Date: September 25, 1877

Horse Prairie

Title: Horse Prairie
Location: Grant
Date: August 12, 1877

Marias River

Title: Marias River
Location: Shelby
Date: January 23, 1870

Sixteenmile Creek

Title: Sixteenmile Creek
Location: Ringling
Date: April 7, 1869


Dry Creek Station

Title: Dry Creek Station
Location: Austin
Date: ca. June 16, 1860

Egan Canyon and Station

Title: Egan Canyon and Station
Location: Schellbourne
Date: August 11, 1860 and June 23, 1863

Government Springs

Title: Government Springs
Location: Cherry Creek
Date: June 20, 1863

Humboldt Expedition

Title: Humboldt Expedition
Location: Northeastern Nevada
Date: October 9-15, 1862

Humboldt Wells

Title: Humboldt Wells
Location: Wells
Date: August 13, 1857

Mud Lake

Title: Mud Lake
Location: Northwestern Nevada
Date: March 14, 1865

Pyramid Lake

Title: Pyramid Lake
Location: Nixon
Date: May 12, 1860

Truckee River

Title: Truckee River
Location: Wadsworth
Date: June 3-4, 1860


Title: Tuscarora
Location: Tuscarora
Date: May 20, 1865

Williams Station

Title: Williams Station
Location: Silver Springs
Date: May 29, 1860


Battle Rock

Title: Battle Rock
Location: Port Orford
Date: June 10, 1851

Bear Creek

Title: Bear Creek
Location: Ashland
Date: June 2, 1851

Big Meadows/Big Bend

Title: Big Meadows/Big Bend
Location: Illahe
Date: May 27-28, 1856

Birch Creek/Pilot Rock

Title: Birch Creek/Pilot Rock
Location: Pilot Rock
Date: July 8, 1878

Camp Warner

Title: Camp Warner
Location: South-Central Oregon
Date: July 27, 1867

Chetco River

Title: Chetco River
Location: Brookings
Date: February 15, 1854 and April 29, 1856

Coquille Massacre/River

Title: Coquille Massacre/River
Location: Bandon
Date: September 14 and November 22, 1851

Crooked River

Title: Crooked River
Location: Paulina
Date: May 18, 1864

Deer Creek

Title: Deer Creek
Location: Selma
Date: March 23, 1856

Deschutes River

Title: Deschutes River
Location: Northern Oregon
Date: June 29, 1860

Donner and Blitzen Creek

Title: Donner and Blitzen Creek
Location: Burns
Date: July 5, 1867 and March 14, 1868

Evans Creek and Meadows

Title: Evans Creek and Meadows
Location: Shady Cove
Date: August 17 and 24, 1853

Gold Beach

Title: Gold Beach
Location: Gold Beach
Date: February 23, 1856

Grant's Pass Area Skirmishes

Title: Applegate River Camp
Location: Applegate
Date: January 5, 1856

Title: Cow Creek
Location: Glendale
Date: January 23 and March 24, 1856

Title: Grave Creek
Location: Leland
Date: October 25, 1855

Title: Little Butte Creek
Location: Eagle Point
Date: October 8, 1855

Title: Little Butte Creek II
Location: Lakecreek
Date: December 24, 1855

Title: Little Meadows
Location: Mariel
Date: November 26, 1855

Title: Long's Ferry
Location: Grants Pass
Date: August 28, 1853

Title: Skull Bar
Location: Galice
Date: October 17, 1855

Title: Table Rock and Conference
Location: White City
Date: June 17, 1851, July 17, 1852

Harney Lake Valley

Title: Harney Lake Valley
Location: Burns
Date: April 7, 1864

Hungry Hill

Title: Hungry Hill
Location: Wolf Creek
Date: October 31 to November 1, 1855

Illinois River

Title: Illinois River
Location: Cave Junction
Date: March 24, 1856

John Day's Road

Title: John Day's Road
Location: Silver Lake
Date: June 24, 1864

Malhuer River

Title: Malhuer River
Location: Drewsey
Date: July 9, 1865

N. Fork John Day River

Title: N. Fork John Day River
Location: Dale/Northeastern Oregon
Date: July 2 and 20, 1878

Owyhee River

Title: Owyhee River
Location: Southeastern Oregon
Date: July 17, 1865, and December 26, 1866

Painted Rock

Title: Painted Rock
Location: Gold Beach
Date: ca. June 6, 1856

Pistol River

Title: Pistol River
Location: Pistol River
Date: March 18, 1856

Pueblo Mountain

Title: Pueblo Mountain
Location: Fields
Date: February 26, 1867

Silver River

Title: Silver River
Location: Riley
Date: June 28, 1878

Steen's Mountain

Title: Steen's Mountain
Location: Burns Junction
Date: January 28, 1867

Umatilla Agency

Title: Umatilla Agency
Location: Pendleton
Date: July 13, 1878


Devil's Gate Canyon

Title: Devil's Gate Canyon
Location: Brigham City
Date: August 14, 1859

Empey's Ferry

Title: Empey's Ferry
Location: Brigham City
Date: December 6, 1862


Title: Smithfield
Location: Smithfield
Date: July 23, 1860

Willow Creek Station

Title: Willow Creek Station
Location: Callao
Date: Mid-June 1860


Bennan's Prairie

Title: Bennan's Prairie
Location: Auburn
Date: December 4, 1855

Cascades of the Columbia

Title: Cascades of the Columbia
Location: Stevenson
Date: March 26-28, 1856

Connell's Prairie

Title: Connell's Prairie
Location: Buckley
Date: March 4, 1856

Four Lakes

Title: Four Lakes
Location: Four Lakes
Date: September 1, 1858

Muckleshoot Prairie

Title: Muckleshoot Prairie
Location: Enumclaw
Date: March 1, 1856

Satus Creek

Title: Satus Creek
Location: Granger
Date: April 10, 1856

Steptoe's Fight/Tohotonimme Creek

Title: Steptoe's Fight/Tohotonimme Creek
Location: Rosalia
Date: May 17, 1858


Title: Tassawicks
Location: Kahlotus
Date: March 13, 1856


Title: Walilatpu
Location: Walla Walla
Date: December 7-10, 1855

White and Puyallup Rivers

Title: White and Puyallup Rivers
Location: Puyallup
Date: November 4-7, 1855

Yakima River

Title: Yakima River
Location: Ellensburg
Date: August 15, 1858


Fort Washakie

Title: Fort Washakie
Location: Fort Washakie
Date: April 29, 1882

Miner's Delight

Title: Miner's Delight
Location: South Pass City
Date: May 4, 1870

Popo Agie

Title: Popo Agie
Location: Lander
Date: September 14, 1869

Snake River

Title: Snake River
Location: Jackson Hole
Date: September 12, 1878

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