Allen Brothers and Others Fight Indians in the Highsaw Cove

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Eastland County, Texas

    During November of 1868, Indian signs were discovered near Mansker Lake, in Eastland County, and in a short time, Baker Ballew, Joe, Sam, Wm. and Luther Allen, Andrew Carter, George Bugby, Peter Davidson, and others, of that section, took the trail, which was very difficult to follow. Finally, however, after following the Indians for two or three miles, a young dog seemed to have suddenly discovered these brave frontiersmen were wanting to follow the Indians, so the puppy began barking and started after the red men in a long run. For many miles this little dog led the citizens rapidly along the Indian trail, and finally the savages were overtaken in the vicinity of the Highsaw Cove, about twelve miles south of the present city of Strawn. The savages realized that this little dog had placed them into a bad state of affairs, so they riddled his body with arrows. Shortly afterwards, the citizens made a charge. It was now late in the evening, and for a few moments a very fierce fight followed. The Indians, however, soon retreated from the field, leaving some of their dead on the ground. The citizens also recoveNative American blankets, bows, arrows, horses and several other Indian implements. Joe Allen, and Baker Ballew, however, were painfully wounded, but it appeared that some of the savages that escaped were also wounded. An Indian stirrup, which had been badly shattered by the discharge of some of the citizens' guns, indicated that an Indian had been wounded in the foot.

    Note: Author interviewed: W.C. McGough; Mrs. John Gibson; Mrs. Guest; W.D. Goens; Mr. Highsaw, and others who lived in that vicinity at the time.

    Further Ref.: History of Eastland County, by Mrs. Geo. Langston.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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