W.H. Steadham and Matt Brogdon Fight

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Young County, Texas

    After sleeping with the horses, W.H. Steadham and John Marlin returned to the ranch house about ten miles westward of Graham, and seven miles from Newcastle, and were preparing breakfast. W.H. Steadham, Matt Brogdon, Archie Midland, and Worth Timmons, went to the lot to turn out some cattle, and to turn eight herd of horses into the field. Shortly afterwards, two Indians were discovered trying to drive the horses away. So W.H. Steadham and Matt Brogdon took after the horse thieves. The Indians, were overtaken and a horse was shot from under one of them. This savage then mounted the steed of the other, and the two Indians went dashing away, but when they were closely crowded, the Indian behind jumped off, and ran up a ditch. W.H. Steadham took after the Indian on the horse, and an exciting chase followed before the Indians escaped. Some red blankets, tied around the Indians' necks, were dropped. It was discovered that the horse killed, belonged to the Hittson outfit.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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