The Fight of Joseph Conrad and Others in 1852

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Bandera County, Texas
The Fight of Joseph Conrad and Others in 1852

During the above year, Joseph Conrad, Bob Harper, Tom Malone, W. White, W. Adams, Henry Adams, and two of the Boone boys went out on a hunting expedition between the Hondo and Burdy Creeks. The sleet was falling and they discovered an Indian trail which led towards the Peach Tree water-hole. The Indians were found while eating supper, and they did not discover the whites until after being fired upon.

The savages then scattered into the brush and the citizens took charge of their camp equipage. Shortly afterward they heard groans in the cedar brush nearby and upon investigation, found a wounded Indian who was attempting to murder himself by piercing his heart with an arrow. Shortly afterwards he died and was scalped. Other dead Indians were also later found in the same vicinity.

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