Northern Plains Battles

Michael has a BA in History & American Studies and an MSc in American History from the University of Edinburgh. He comes from a proud military family and has spent most of his career as an educator in the Middle East and Asia. His passion is travel, and he seizes any opportunity to share his experiences in the most immersive way possible, whether at sea or on the land.

Part of our in-depth series exploring Sioux Nation Forts

Northern Plains Battle Map

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Ash Hollow | Badlands | Bighorn | Bone Pile Creek | Cazeau Wagon Train | Clear Creek | Cottonwood Canyon | Crazy Woman Creek | Crazy Woman's Fork | Crow Agency | Custard's Wagon Train Fight | Dead Buffalo Lake | Dead Man's Fork | Deer Creek Station | Dry Creek | Dustin Massacre | Elk Creek | Elm Creek Station | Fort Abercrombie | Fort Rice | Fort Ridgely | Fort Robinson | Fort Phil Kearney/Fetterman Fight | Gracie Creek | Grand Island | Grand Pass | Horse Creek | Horse Creek/Fout's Fight | Horseshoe Creek | Hutchinson | Kelly Wagon Train | Little Blue River Raid | Looking Glass Creek | Mackinaw Massacre | Milk River | Morton Skirmishes | Mud Springs | Mullahla's Station | N. Fork Republican River | N. Platte River | New Ulm | Niobrara | Pass Creek | Pawnee Agency | Peno Creek | Platte Bridge | Plum Creek Massacre | Poplar River | Powder River Battle | Powder River/Reynolds's Fight | Pryor's Fork | Pumpkin Creek | Red Buttes/Fort Dilts | Red Fork of the Powder River | Red Willow Creek | Republican Fork | Rush Creek | Sage Creek Station | Smith's Ranch | Snake Mountain | Spirit Lake, Iowa | Spirit Lake Massacre, Iowa | Spirit Lake Massacre, Minnesota | Spring Creek | Spring Creek | St. Joseph | Stony Lake | Tobin Massacre | Tongue River | Turkey Leg's Raid | Whitestone Hill | Wood Lake


Spirit Lake

Title: Spirit Lake
Location: Spirit Lake
Date: May 16, 1864

Spirit Lake Massacre

Title: Spirit Lake Massacre
Location: Spirit Lake
Date: March 8 and 26, 1857


Dustin Massacre

Title: Dustin Massacre
Location: Howard Lake
Date: June 29, 1863

Fort Ridgely

Title: Fort Ridgely
Location: Fort Ridgely
Date: August 20 and 22, 1862


Title: Hutchinson
Location: Hutchinson
Date: September 3, 1862

Morton Skirmishes

Title: Redwood Agency
Location: Morton
Date: August 18, 1862

Title: Lower Sioux Ferry
Location: Morton
Date: August 18, 1862

Title: Birch Coulee
Location: Morton
Date: September 2-3, 1862

New Ulm

Title: New Ulm
Location: New Ulm
Date: August 19 and 23, 1862

Spirit Lake Massacre

Title: Spirit Lake Massacre
Location: Springfield
Date: March 8 and 26, 1857

Wood Lake

Title: Wood Lake
Location: Wood Lake
Date: September 23, 1862



Title: Bighorn
Location: Big horn
Date: August 11, 1873

Crow Agency

Title: Crow Agency
Location: Crow Agency
Date: November 5, 1887

Milk River

Title: Milk River
Location: Saco
Date: July 17, 1879

Poplar River

Title: Poplar River
Location: Poplar
Date: January 2, 1881

Powder River Battle

Title: Powder River Battle
Location: Powderville
Date: September 1, 4, 5 and 8 1865

Powder River/Reynolds's Fight

Title: Powder River/Reynolds's Fight
Location: Moorhead
Date: March 17, 1876

Pryor's Fork

Title: Pryor's Fork
Location: Billings
Date: August 14, 1872

Pumpkin Creek

Title: Pumpkin Creek
Location: Volborg
Date: February 12, 1880


Ash Hollow

Title: Ash Hollow
Location: Lewellen
Date: September 10, 1857

Cottonwood Canyon

Title: Cottonwood Canyon
Location: Maxwell
Date: September 20, 1864

Elk Creek

Title: Elk Creek
Location: Nelson
Date: August 16, 1864

Elm Creek Station

Title: Elm Creek Station
Location: Ayr
Date: May 18, 1865

Fort Robinson

Title: Fort Robinson
Location: Crawford
Date: January 9-22, 1879

Gracie Creek

Title: Gracie Creek
Location: Burwell
Date: April 28, 1876

Grand Island

Title: Grand Island
Location: Wood River
Date: August 26, 1856

Horse Creek/Fout's Fight

Title: Horse Creek/Fout's Fight
Location: Morrill
Date: June 14, 1865

Looking Glass Creek

Title: Looking Glass Creek
Location: Genoa
Date: June 24, 1964

Mullahla's Station

Title: Mullahla's Station
Location: Cozad
Date: October 12, 1864


Title: Niobrara
Location: Niobrara
Date: December 4, 1863

North Fork Republican River

Title: North Fork Republican River
Location: Benkleman
Date: June 24, 1867

North Platte River

Title: North Platte River
Location: Western Nebraska
Date: October 23, 1866

Pawnee Agency

Title: Pawnee Agency
Location: Cushing
Date: June 23, 1863

Red Willow Creek

Title: Red Willow Creek
Location: McCook
Date: June 8, 1870

Republican Fork

Title: Republican Fork
Location: Cambridge
Date: August 3, 4 and 6, 1860

Rush Creek

Title: Rush Creek
Location: Broadwater
Date: February 8-9, 1865

Smith's Ranch

Title: Smith's Ranch
Location: Gothenburg
Date: May 12, 1865

Spring Creek

Title: Spring Creek
Location: Ruskin
Date: May 17, 1870

Tobin Massacre

Title: Tobin Massacre
Location: Overton
Date: April 29, 1868

Turkey Leg's Raid

Title: Turkey Leg's Raid
Location: Lexington
Date: August 6, 1867

North Dakota


Title: Badlands
Location: Medora
Date: August 7-9, 1864

Dead Buffalo Lake

Title: Dead Buffalo Lake
Location: Dawson
Date: July 26, 1863

Fort Abercrombie

Title: Fort Abercrombie
Location: Abercrombie
Date: September 3 and 6, 1862

Fort Rice

Title: Fort Rice
Location: Fort Rice
Date: November 21 and 27, 1864; April 12 and 26, 1865; July 28, 1865

Mackinaw Massacre

Title: Mackinaw Massacre
Location: Bismarck
Date: August 3, 1863

St. Joseph

Title: St. Joseph
Location: Walhalla
Date: December 16, 1863

Stony Lake

Title: Stony Lake
Location: Driscoll
Date: July 28, 1863


Bone Pile Creek

Title: Bone Pile Creek
Location: Gillette
Date: August 13-15, 1865

Cazeau Wagon Train

Title: Cazeau Wagon Train
Location: Banner
Date: July 17, 1866

Clear Creek

Title: Clear Creek
Location: Buffalo
Date: July 24, 1866

Crazy Woman's Fork

Title: Crazy Woman's Fork
Location: Buffalo
Date: August 13, 1865

Deer Creek Station

Title: Deer Creek Station
Location: Glenrock
Date: May 20, 1865

Dry Creek

Title: Dry Creek
Location: Casper
Date: June 3, 1865

Fort Phil Kearny/Fetterman Fight

Title: Fort Phil Kearny/Fetterman Fight
Location: Buffalo
Date: December 21, 1866

Grand Pass

Title: Grand Pass
Location: Ryan Park
Date: July 7, 1863

Horse Creek

Title: Horse Creek
Location: Torrington
Date: November 13, 1854

Horseshoe Creek

Title: Horseshoe Creek
Location: Glendo
Date: December 1, 1869

Kelly Wagon Train

Title: Kelly Wagon Train
Location: LaPerle
Date: July 12, 1864

Pass Creek

Title: Pass Creek
Location: Walcott
Date: February 20, 1863

Peno Creek

Title: Peno Creek
Location: Banner
Date: December 6, 1866

Platte Bridge

Title: Platte Bridge
Location: Casper
Date: July 26, 1865

Red Fork Powder River

Title: Red Fork Powder River
Location: Mayoworth
Date: November 25, 1876

Sage Creek Station

Title: Sage Creek Station
Location: Saratoga
Date: June 8, 1865

Snake Mountain

Title: Snake Mountain
Location: Lysite
Date: July 4, 1874

Tongue River

Title: Tongue River
Location: Miles City
Date: August 4, 1873

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