Northern Early American/Colonial Forts

Michael has a BA in History & American Studies and an MSc in American History from the University of Edinburgh. He comes from a proud military family and has spent most of his career as an educator in the Middle East and Asia. His passion is travel, and he seizes any opportunity to share his experiences in the most immersive way possible, whether at sea or on the land.

Northeast Battle Map

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Battle Map
Northern Early American Forts
New England

Map of New England Forts

Great Lakes

Map of Great Lakes Forts

Additional Forts

Map of Northern Early American Additional Forts

Amsterdam NYC, Fort | Augustus, Fort Edward | Bedford, Fort | Crawford, Fort | Chartres, Fort de | Defiance, Fort | Duquesne, Fort | Henry, Fort William | Johnson, Old Fort | Le Boeuf, Fort | Ligonier, Fort | Miamis, Fort | Michilimackinac, Fort | Monroe, Fortress | Necessity, Fort | Niagara, Old Fort | Oswego, Fort | Ouiatenon, Fort | Pitt, Fort | Recovery, Fort | Sandusky, Fort | Smith, Fort C.F. | Stanwix, Fort | Stephenson, Fort | Ticonderoga, Fort | Venango, Fort | Washington, Fort | Weed, Fort
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Destination Thumbnails
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Fort Name

Picture of Fort Adams

Adams, Fort RI

Picture of Fort Ethan Allen

Allen, Fort Ethan VT

Picture of Fort Ethan Allen
Photo courtesy of University of Vermont Special Collections

Fort Ethan Allen, located in Colchester, Vermont, has a long and fascinating history. Named after Revolutionary War hero Ethan Allen, the Fort was in active military use from 1894 when it housed the Third Cavalry until 1961 when it was decommissioned. The U.S. Army's Tenth Cavalry Regiment of African American soldiers, the "Buffalo Soldiers," were stationed at Fort Ethan Allen from 1909-1913. As explained on the Historic Fort Ethan Allen web site, "After the harsh years on the Western frontier the Buffalo Soldiers were spoiled by the luxury at Fort Ethan Allen. ... On the frontier the soldiers had grown accustomed to being drilled outside during the dead of winter with buffalo overcoats and blanketed horses to save themselves from exposure. The drill hall was a luxurious part of their stay at Fort Ethan Allen."

Picture of Fort Amanda

Amanda, Fort OH


Amsterdam NYC, Fort NY

Apple River Fort Picture

Apple River Fort IL

Picture of Fort Armistead

Armistead, Fort MD

Thumbnail of Fort Armstrong Blockhouse Picture

Armstrong, Fort IL

Fort Atkinson Picture

Atkinson, Fort IA

Picture at Fort Edward Augustus

Augustus, Fort Edward WI


Picture of Fort Bedford

Bedford, Fort PA

Picture of Black Rock Fort

Black Rock Fort CT


Picture of Fort Carroll

Carroll, Fort MD

Picture of Fort de Chartres

Chartres, Fort de IL

Picture of Chimney Point

Chimney Point VT

Fort Constitution Picture

Constitution, Fort NH

Picture at Fort Crawford Museum

Crawford, Fort WI

Picture of Fort Crown Point

Crown Point, Fort NY


Fort Dearborn Picture

Dearborn, Fort IL

Picture of Fort Dearborn

Dearborn, Fort NH

Picture at Fort Defiance Grounds

Defiance, Fort OH

Fort Dodge Picture

Dodge, Fort IA

Picture of Fort Dummer

Dummer, Fort VT

Picture of Fort Duquesne/Fort Pitt

Duquesne, Fort PA


Picture of Fort Edgecomb

Edgecomb, Fort ME


Fort Folle Avoine Picture

Folle Avoine, Fort WI

For two centuries (l650-1850), Euro-American fur traders and voyageurs canoed, portaged, and mushed across North America's vast tapestry of lakes and rivers, wintering at lonely out posts, living with and learning from Native Americans. During those years, hundreds of fur trading posts served as focal points for intercultural exchange of products, services, and customs. The fur trade was the beginning of white settlement of North America.

Picture at Fort Foote

Foote, Fort MD

Picture of Fort at No. 4

Fort at No. 4 NH

Fort Foster Picture

Foster, Fort ME

Picture at Fort Frederick

Frederick, Fort MD


Picture of Fort Gorges

Gorges, Fort ME

Picture of Fort Griswold

Griswold, Fort CT


Picture of Fort Nathan Hale

Hale, Fort Nathan CT

Picture of Fort Halifax

Halifax, Fort ME

Picture of Fort William Henry

Henry, Fort William ME


Hill, Fort OH


Picture of Fort Independence

Independence, Fort MA


Fort Jefferson Picture

Jefferson, Fort OH

Picture of Old Fort Johnson

Johnson, Old Fort NY


Picture of Fort Kent

Kent, Fort ME

Picture of Fort Knox

Knox, Fort ME


Picture of Fort Laurens

Laurens, Fort OH

Picture of Fort Le Boeuf Historical Marker

Le Boeuf, Fort PA

Picture at Fort Ligonier

Ligonier, Fort PA


Fort Mackinac Picture

Mackinac, Fort MI

Picture of Fort Madison

Madison, Fort IA

Fort McClary Picture

McClary, Fort ME

Picture of Fort McHenry

McHenry, Fort MD

Picture at Fort McNair

McNair, Fort DC

Fort Meigs Picture

Meigs, Fort OH

Picture of Fort Miamis Historical Marker

Miamis, Fort OH

Picture of Fort Michilimackinac

Michilimackinac, Fort MI

Fort Mifflin Picture

Mifflin, Fort PA

Picture of Fort Montgomery Sign

Montgomery, Fort NY

Picture of Fort Mott

Mott, Fort NJ

Picture of Mount Independence Marker

Mount Independence VT


Picture of Fort Necessity

Necessity, Fort PA

Picture of Old Fort Niagara

Niagara, Old Fort NY

Picture of Fort Nonsense

Nonsense, Fort NJ


Picture of Fort O'Brien

O'Brien, Fort ME

Picture of Fort Osage

Osage, Fort MO

Picture of Fort Oswego Monument

Oswego, Fort NY

Fort Ouiatenon Picture

Ouiatenon, Fort IN


Fort Pitt Picture

Pitt, Fort PA

Picture of Fort Point

Point, Fort ME


Picture of Fort Recovery

Recovery, Fort OH


Picture of Fort Sandusky

Sandusky, Fort OH

Fort Sheridan Picture

Sheridan, Fort IL

Picture of Ruins at Fort C.F. Smith

Smith, Fort C.F. VA

Picture of Fort Stanwix

Stanwix, Fort NY

Picture of Fort Stark

Stark, Fort NH

Picture of Fort Stephenson

Stephenson, Fort OH

Picture of Fort Stephenson

Fort Stephenson Museum
423 Croghan St.
Fremont, Ohio

Fort Stephenson was the site of the decisive Battle of Fort Stephenson in 1813. The Fort Stephenson Museum is housed in Birchard Public Library, which sits on the former site of the fort. Artifacts from the battle are on view in five display cases.

Picture of Fort Steuben

Steuben, Fort OH

Picture of Stillwater Blockhouse

Stillwater Blockhouse NY

Picture at Stone Fort in Maryland

Stone Fort at Harper's Ferry MD


Sullivan, Fort NH

The site of Fort Sullivan is on Seavey's Island, part of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, near the old water resevoir site. The old Naval Prison, built in 1905 - 08, now occupies the top of the bluff, near where the fort was believed to have been built.


Picture of Fort Ticonderoga

Ticonderoga, Fort NY

Picture of Fort Trumbull

Trumbull, Fort CT


Picture of Fort Venango Historical Marker

Venango, Fort PA


Picture of Fort Warren

Warren, Fort MA

Picture of Fort Washington

Washington, Fort MD

Picture of Fort Wayne

Wayne, Fort MI

Picture of Fort Weed

Weed, Fort NY

Picture of Old Fort Western

Western, Old Fort ME

Picture of Whitfield Garrison

Whitfield Garrison


Fort Wilkins Picture

Wilkins, Fort MI

Picture of Fort Winnebago

Winnebago, Fort WI


Zumwalt, Fort MO

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