Doctor Bartley

Michael has a BA in History & American Studies and an MSc in American History from the University of Edinburgh. He comes from a proud military family and has spent most of his career as an educator in the Middle East and Asia. His passion is travel, and he seizes any opportunity to share his experiences in the most immersive way possible, whether at sea or on the land.

Erath County, Texas

    During 1872, Dr. Bartley of Erath County, bought 1000 yearlings from Raybourne O'Neill. Matt Tucker also had about 1500 head. So the two started with their cattle to Colorado, or elsewhere. July 4, 1872, Dr. Bartley and his men were moving their herd toward the falls of the Pecos, where they intended to water the cattle and get breakfast. The doctor was in the lead, but before he reached the river was killed by Indians. The savages then charged the cowhands in the rear. After a long drawn out battle, the Indians left with the stock. But the assistance of soldiers later recovered a part of the herd.

    About one day's journey behind were Taylor and Charlie Vandeveer, and Bill Miller, with about twenty-five men moving another herd. They were in the Dagger Bend of the Pecos. But after the Indians had charged the Bartley and Tucker oufit, the second herd was protected by African soldiers from Ft. Stockton.

    Note: Author personally interviewed: Taylor Vandeveer, mentioned above.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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