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Young County, Texas

    During May of 1870, John Crow, who lived on Conner's Creek, about eight miles east of Graham, was plowing with oxen, named Ball and Bally and going from the house toward the creek. When he reached the turn of the row, and lifted his plow around, several Indians came charging after him. So John Crow ran toward his Spencer rifle, sitting against a fallen tree, some distance away. But he was shot down, and killed before he reached his gun. His race for life was plainly seen by his family at the house, not a great distance away. John Crow was the father of Wm. Crow, killed May 16, 1869, in the Salt Creek Fight. So both father and son were murdered by Indians within one year.

    Note: Author personally interviewed John Crow, Jr., son of Wm. Crow; and others who lived in Young Co. at the time.

    Further Ref.: Vital Statistics of the U.S. Census for 1870, which gave the month and year of this occurrence.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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