Eastern Apacheria Battles

Michael has a BA in History & American Studies and an MSc in American History from the University of Edinburgh. He comes from a proud military family and has spent most of his career as an educator in the Middle East and Asia. His passion is travel, and he seizes any opportunity to share his experiences in the most immersive way possible, whether at sea or on the land.

Part of our in-depth series exploring the forts of Apacheria

Map of Eastern Apacheria Battles

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Animas Mountains | Black Range | Caballo Mountains | Canada Alamosa | Canyon de los Muertos Carneros | Cooke's Canyon | Cooke's Spring | Cuchillo Creek | Datil Mountains | Devil's Creek | Dona Ana Mountains | Florida Mountain | Fort Craig | Fort Cummings | Fort Fauntleroy | Fort Thorn | Fort Webster | Gavilan Canyon | Hatchet Mountains | Hembrillo Canyon/San Andres Springs | Jornada del Muerto | Laguna | Las Animas Creek | Little Dry Creek | Lloyd's and Slocum's Ranches | Mangas Coloradas Affair | McComas Massacre | Monica Springs | Ojo del Muerto | Ojo del Oso | Palomas River | Percha Creek | Pinos Altos | Red Canyon | Red River | Salt Lakes | San Augustin Pass | San Mateo Mountains | Sierra Almagre | Stein's Peak | Warm Springs

New Mexico

Animas Mountains

Title: Animas Mountains
Location: Animas
Date: January 9 and December 18, 1877

Black Range

Title: Black Range
Location: Southwestern New Mexico
Date: May 29, 1879

Caballo Mountains

Title: Caballo Mountains
Location: Caballo
Date: January 30, 1880

Canada Alamosa

Title: Canada Alamosa
Location: Monticello
Date: July 13, 1873

Canyon de los Muertos Carneros

Title: Canyon de los Muertos Carneros
Location: Southwestern New Mexico
Date: May 24, 1857

Cooke's Canyon

Title: Cooke's Canyon
Location: Deming
Date: July 10 and 24, 1863 and June 5, 1880

Cooke's Spring

Title: Cooke's Spring
Location: Deming
Date: July 21-22, 1861

Cuchillo Creek

Title: Cuchillo Creek
Location: Chloride
Date: September 29-30, 1879 and August 16, 1881

Datil Mountains

Title: Datil Mountains
Location: Datil, New Mexico
Date: January 12, 1864

Devil's Creek

Title: Devil's Creek
Location: Alma, New Mexico
Date: May 22, 1885

Dona Ana Mountains

Title: Dona Ana Mountains
Location: Dona Ana
Date: November 20, 1867

Florida Mountains

Title: Florida Mountains
Location: Deming
Date: September 15, 1876; January 24, 1877; November 8, 1885

Fort Craig

Title: Fort Craig
Location: San Marcial
Date: July 4, 1863

Fort Cummings

Title: Fort Cummings
Location: Deming
Date: September 7, 1880

Fort Fauntleroy

Title: Fort Fauntleroy
Location: Fort Wingate
Date: September 13, 1861

Fort Thorn

Title: Fort Thorn
Location: Hatch
Date: July 12, 1863

Fort Webster

Title: Fort Webster
Location: Hanover and Mimbres
Date: February 6, 1852 and December 4, 1860

Gavilan Canyon

Title: Gavilan Canyon
Location: San Juan
Date: August 19, 1881

Hatchet Mountains

Title: Hatchet Mountains
Location: Hachita
Date: August 27, 1868

Hembrillo Canyon/San Andres Springs

Title: Hembrillo Canyon/San Andres Springs
Location: South-Central New Mexico
Date: April 7-8, 1880

Jornada del Muerto

Title: Jornada del Muerto
Location: Rincon
Date: June 16, 1863


Title: Laguna
Location: Truth or Consequences
Date: January 24-25, 1852

Las Animas Creek

Title: Las Animas Creek
Location: Hillsboro
Date: September 18, 1879

Little Dry Creek

Title: Little Dry Creek
Location: Pleasanton
Date: December 19, 1885

Lloyd's & Slocum's Ranches

Title: Lloyd's & Slocum's Ranches
Location: Nutt
Date: October 13, 1879

Mangas Coloradas Affair

Title: Mangas Coloradas Affair
Location: Hurley
Date: January 18, 1863

McComas Massacre

Title: McComas Massacre
Location: Lordsburg
Date: March 28, 1883

Monica Springs

Title: Monica Springs
Location: Monticello
Date: August 3, 1881

Ojo del Muerto

Title: Ojo del Muerto
Location: Truth or Consequences
Date: March 11, 1857

Ojo del Oso

Title: Ojo del Oso
Location: Fort Wingate
Date: October 10, 1858

Palomas River

Title: Palomas River
Location: Chloride
Date: May 24, 1880

Percha Creek

Title: Percha Creek
Location: Hillsboro
Date: January 12, 1880

Pinos Altos

Title: Pinos Altos
Location: Southwestern New Mexico
Date: February 25, 1864

Red Canyon

Title: Red Canyon
Location: Monticello
Date: August 1, 1881

Red River

Title: Red River
Location: Mangas
Date: December 1, 1864

Salt Lakes

Title: Salt Lakes
Location: Quemado
Date: August 27-28, 1863

San Augustin Pass

Title: San Augustin Pass
Location: Organ
Date: May 2 and 7, 1869

San Mateo Mountains

Title: San Mateo Mountains
Location: Monticello
Date: January 17, 1880

Sierra Almagre

Title: Sierra Almagre
Location: Red Rock
Date: March 20, 1856

Stein's Peak

Title: Stein's Peak
Location: Lordsburg
Date: ca. March 28, 1861

Warm Springs

Title: Warm Springs
Location: Truth or Consequences
Date: June 20, 1863

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