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We sincerely hope you enjoy our collection of resources and articles. Please take a moment to learn about our editorial policies and our approach to publishing historical content. And, of course, feel free to get in touch at any time. We greatly value the relationships we share with our loyal readership.  Don't hesitate to reach out with your questions and/or feedback.

A Note Regarding Our Historical Archives

Historical accounts can be contentious by their very nature — they evoke strong feelings in all of us because they speak to issues of identity, morality, and set the tone for future policy debates.

As you browse our archives, please keep close to mind that our decision to publish contemporary accounts of historical events doesn't imply an endorsement of those accounts from our editorial team.  Our firmly held view is that editing these resources in order to make them extra palatable to a 21st-century audience diminishes the suffering and hardships of the people and communities that suffered as a result of colonization and westward expansion.

We also try to refrain from spoon-feeding our audience with our own modern analysis of historical events. To do so would be to underestimate the capacity of readers to draw their own insight and conclusions from their research. However, we are firm supporters of social justice causes and we also encourage our audience to lend their support to important and necessary efforts to address injustice and prejudice.

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