Levi Current and Green Cox Shoot Indians West of Breckenridge

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Stephens County, Texas

    Levi Current had moved from Picketville to old Mugginsville, and had returned for his chickens, etc. Early one morning during 1864, Levi Current left Picketville with an ox-wagon full of chickens and other things and was followed by Green Cox in another wagon. When the two were about one and a half miles west of the present city of Breckenridge, they were surrounded by about ten or twelve Indians, who in truly Indian fashion, rode around the citizens in a circle, and continued their firing. Green Cox was somewhat excited, but Levi Current told him to be calm, take deadly aim and shoot an Indian. Cox complied with the request and when he fired, an Indian fell. Levi Current also wounded a savage. The Indians saw they could not frighten the citizens, had a real fight on hand, and rode away with their wounded. About four days after this fight, G.E. Christesson found where an Indian had been buried about three miles from where the fight occurred.

    Note: Author interviewed: Lish Christesson; and J.H. Schoolcraft, who lived nearby at the time.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

Additional information concerning the Christesson family.

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