Fort Ethan Allen

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Picture of Fort Ethan Allen
Photo courtesy of University of Vermont Special Collections

Fort Ethan Allen, located in Colchester, Vermont, has a long and fascinating history. Named after Revolutionary War hero Ethan Allen, the Fort was in active military use from 1894 when it housed the Third Cavalry until 1961 when it was decommissioned. The U.S. Army's Tenth Cavalry Regiment of African American soldiers, the "Buffalo Soldiers," were stationed at Fort Ethan Allen from 1909-1913. As explained on the Historic Fort Ethan Allen web site, "After the harsh years on the Western frontier the Buffalo Soldiers were spoiled by the luxury at Fort Ethan Allen. ... On the frontier the soldiers had grown accustomed to being drilled outside during the dead of winter with buffalo overcoats and blanketed horses to save themselves from exposure. The drill hall was a luxurious part of their stay at Fort Ethan Allen."

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