Michael has a BA in History & American Studies and an MSc in American History from the University of Edinburgh. He comes from a proud military family and has spent most of his career as an educator in the Middle East and Asia. His passion is travel, and he seizes any opportunity to share his experiences in the most immersive way possible, whether at sea or on the land.

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Azle | Springtown | Weatherford
Parker County Map
Uncommemorated Sites from North to South
Mann Davis Tackett | Massacre of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Briscoe and Capture of Their Children | Indians Disturb Religious Services in the Terrapin Neck Community | Andy Chapman | John Brown | Alvin Clark | Indian Raid Near Old Gocian in Parker County | Bill Nix in the Watermelon Patch | Savages Assault the Welch and Alexander Children, West of Springtown | Tipton Seay | Joe Hemphill | Marion Lasater, Wess Sheek, and Others Fight on the Head of Dry Creek in Parker County | Marcus L. Dalton, James Redfield and James McAster | George McKlusky | Hanna and Rose Moore | Lynn Boyd Cranfill | William Youngblood | Johnnie Leaper | M.Y. (Roe) Littlefield Wounded | Thomas Killen | Mrs. J. Brown | Martin Cathey and Johnnie (Jack) Hale | W.L. Light and Wife, Mary and Baby Dora | Bolen and James Savage | James Franklin | Indian Fight South of Millsap in 1868 | A.J. Gorman | Mrs. Lem Barton | William and Stewart Hamilton | Bolen and James Savage | Henry Maxwell | Indians Murder Andrew Berry and Boy and Leave Another for Dead | Buddy Williams | Indian Fight About Four Miles North of Lipan | Capture of Wm. Wilson and Anna Acres
Uncommemorated and Unmapped Sites
Fuller Millsap | Lynn Boyd Cranfill | Ben Blackwell | Cresson
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