Cross Plains Blood Trail

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Map of the Cross Plains

Cross Plains Road Trip

Ghols Flannigan

Allen Brothers

Blair & Hart

Ellison Spring Fight

Sarah Jane Keith

Mrs. Lewis Coffer

Henson & Lewis

Samuel Rogers

Camp Colorado Raid

Lt. Best

Mustang Water Hole Fight

Robert Leslie

Cox Kills Indian

Don Cox

Fight at Comanche

Creed Click

McReynolds Murder

Grandpa Casin

Capt. Callan's Men

Williams Family

Capt. Maltby

Sam Gholson's Cowhands

Charlie McCain

Dave Upton

Brown/Coleman Raid

Isom Hicks

Joel Nabers & Others

Salt Mountain Fight

Grandpa McKenzie

Peters, Kelly & African

Mercer's Gap Fight

Tankersley & Carmeans

William Lewis

Milburne Raid

Flat Top Raid

Col. Buck Barry

Capt. John Williams Fight

Brazilla Payne

Forrest Spillers

Dick Robbins

Warren Hudson

Bud Hollis

Bejamin F. Linn

Mr. Merrimond

W. D. C. (Boaz) Wood

Ben Smith & Ruff

Henry E. McCulloch

Abner Gregg

Mrs. Margaret Pyett

Bill Miller & Wash Marrow

Sampson & Billy Cole

Col. John H. Moore


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