Sam Gholson’s Cowhands Kill Indian

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Coleman County, Texas

    During 1873, four or five of Sam Gholson's cowhands were out hunting cattle in Coleman County and became separated. Two of the men struck some Indians, about five miles north of the Santa Anna Mountains, and reported to the others. The Indian trail was followed to a point about three miles east of the Santa Anna Mountains and the savages overtaken on Lukewater. There were only a few Indians and one of them was riding an old horse called "Old 2 D", because he wore that particular brand. The Indian riding this horse had just stolen him from the Gholson Ranch and Jim Jackson, knowing he couldn't run very fast, singled out this particular Indian riding this horse and ran him into the timber, where the Indian jumped to the ground and threw up his shield. But Jim Jackson killed and scalped this warrior and recovered his bow, arrows and shield, which plainly indicated the bullet passed through this instrument before it passed into the Indian's body.

    Note: Author personally interviewed J.B. Terrell, who with others, camped within 100 yards of the dead Indian, the following night he was killed.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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