Lookout Station

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15 April 1867; Antonino, Kansas: On 14 April, 250 lodges of Lakotas and Cheyennes fled their Pawnee Fork camp to escape Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock and his command, which included Lt. Col. George A. Custer and the 7th Cavalry. The Indians moved quickly north, crossing the Smoky Hill Trail and attacking stage stations along the way.

On the evening of the 15th , employees at Big Creek Station saw smoke rising from the direction of Lookout Station, about eight miles west, near present-day Antonino, Kansas. A freighter called "Capt." Barron and a trader, John H. Betts, went to Lookout and found that the station had been burned, the bodies of the stock tender and cook had been nailed to the barn, which was also burned, and the stock had been driven off. Another man had also been killed and burned.
Encyclopedia of Indian Wars by Gregory F. Michno
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