Lookout Point

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12 September 1869, Bluff Dale, Texas: A small band of Indians, possibly Kiowas or Comanches, raiding through Hood County, Texas, stole horses as they made their way down Squaw Creek almost to the Brazos River, then cut west toward the Paluxy River. When citizens discovered them driving nearly 200 head, they hastily gathered up posses from the Squaw Creek and Thorp settlements to converge at Lookout Point, 12 miles west.

After riding hard all night, ten men from Squaw Creek surprised the Indians, only seven in number, and the Indians took refuge in a small ravine beneath the tangled roots of some large trees. The ten-man posse from Thorp soon arrived, and around 8 a.m. on 12 September, they rushed the ravine. The fight was over quickly. The white men killed and scalped all seven Indians; one was a woman. Two of the posse were wounded, one of them mortally.
Encyclopedia of Indian Wars by Gregory F. Michno
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