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Story 1

7 April 1850; Laredo, Texas: On 6 April, during a scout near Laredo, Lt. Walter W. Hudson and Companies G and I of the 1st Infantry, out of Fort McIntosh, attacked a camp of Indians on the Nueces River and recovered 30 stolen horses. Hudson pursued the Indians and the next day caught up with them. In the ensuing fight, four enlisted men were wounded and one was killed. Hudson received a mortal wound and died on 19 April. Four Indians were wounded.

Story 2
12 June 1850; Laredo, Texas: Lt. Charles N. Underwood, with detachments of Companies H and K, 1st Infantry, was escorting mail from Fort Merrill to Laredo when Comanches attacked the party. Two soldiers were killed in action; two others were mortally wounded, both succumbing on 16 June. Underwood and three other soldiers were also wounded. One Indian was killed and four were wounded.
Encyclopedia of Indian Wars by Gregory F. Michno
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