Hynes Bay

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Fall 1852; Austwell, Texas: After conflicts with Texans, many of the Karankawa tribe-despised for their cannibalism-moved to Mexico. But sometime in the fall of 1852, one Karankawa band returned to its old campgrounds along Hynes Bay, near present-day Austwell. When they were discovered by local settlers, about 30 militia, led by John Hynes, surrounded the camp and launched a surprise attack.

The militia destroyed the Karankawa village of about 50 people, sparing only a handful of women and children; about 45 Karankawas died. The militia had no losses. This may have been the last fight of the Karankawas on Texas soil. Within a decade, disease and warfare made the Karankawas virtually extinct.
Encyclopedia of Indian Wars by Gregory F. Michno
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