Caddo Creek

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24, 27, and 28 February, 1859; Ardmore, Oklahoma: After their defeat at Rush Springs, many Comanches left the area. Some wintered in Chihuahua, Mexico, while others went north of the Arkansas River. Those who remained continued raiding settlers. In February two patrols out of Fort Arbuckle ran into some of the raiders.

On 24 February on Caddo Creek, south of the Arbuckle Mountains, Comanche raiders jumped Lt. James E. Powell, 1st Infantry, and 31 men of Companies D and E, 1st Cavalry, killing one trooper and wounding two. Three days later, again on Caddo Creek, Capt. James M. McIntosh led a detachment of Company D, 1st Cavalry, against a Comanche band. The fight continued into the next day. Seven Indians were reported killed.
Encyclopedia of Indian Wars by Gregory F. Michno
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