Bavispe Mountains

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23 June 1885; Oputo, Sonora, Mexico: In the spring, Capt. Emmet Crawford, with Henry F. Kendall's Company A, 6th Cavalry, and 92 Apache scouts under Lt. Britton Davis, 3rd Cavalry, went after Apache raiders. The expedition took them into Mexico. At Huachinera the trail turned toward Oputo. Crawford had Chato, the former renegade Apache chief, now a scout for the army, take the scouts ahead.

On 23 June, Chato stumbled onto a rancheria high in the mountains northeast of Oputo. The Indians fled and the rough terrain limited Chato's pursuit. Only one hostile was killed, and 15 women and children were captured, including Chihuahua's entire family. One scout was wounded.
Encyclopedia of Indian Wars by Gregory F. Michno
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