B. J. Thompkins and Others Fight in Stephens County

    During 1873, B. J. Thompkins, Geo. Thompkins, Ryle Taylor, and Josh West, who lived on Veale's Creek in Stephens County, about one mile from the mouth, were traveling along in a wagon about two miles east of their home, when seven Indians were discovered some distance in the rear. Since these Indians were approaching the citizens from behind, when the wagon passed around a large rock, B. J. Thompkins and Ryle Taylor, dropped behind the rock, and let the wagon proceed down the road. In a short time, the seven Indians came along, and when Thompkins and Taylor fired, the Indians fled like scared wolves, and apparently at least one of their number was wounded.

    Note: Author personally interviewed: B. J. Thompkins.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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