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In 1860, Nick Lee was carrying the mail from Stephenville to Jacksboro. When he failed to reach his destination, a party found his dead body victim of an Indian attack.

In 1869, T.H. Majors ran to his family's aid when he heard screaming coming from the area where his wife and daughters were doing the wash. He arrived in time to protect them but the Indians got away with the dirty clothes.

In 1866, Tipton Seay married another resident of Fort Stubblefield and their child was only nine days old when Indians stole Tip's horse. A group of men had taken all of the fort's guns with them on a trip to the mill in Weatherford. Tip started, unarmed, on a trip to buy another horse. Not long after, his body was discovered by the Bleeker brothers who buried it where it was found in a grave they dug with sharp sticks.

About 1866, Nathan Holt and his brother Jackson were attacked by Indians. Jackson escaped and Nathan was killed.

In the summer of 1866, Pleasant Boyd was killed by Indians, reportedly because he was poorly armed and horsed.

On a Sunday in the fall of 1872, G.B. Rozel left his family in camp while he was hunting. Indians appeared at the campsite but were held at bay for a while by his son, George, who had a stick that looked like a gun. The bluff didn't last and the Indians charged, killing one of Rozel's daughters and wounding another.

Further south of Hwy. 4, there was a raid in Hood County during September of 1869. Seven Indians were raiding along so-called "Squaw Creek" when local citizens set a successful ambush that cost all the raiders their lives.

Further north in Parker County, incidents occurred involving Buddy Williams, Henry Maxwell and Texas Rangers.

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