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Jack County, Texas
SE Entrance to Jacksboro | Ft. Richardson | Post Civil War | Garrison Life | Ft. Richardson Tour | Military Rd. to Ft. Sill | South to Keechi

Points of Interest:

A reconstructed officers' barracks serves as Interpretive Center, which is open daily. Six of the original stone buildings exist: morgue, bakery, magazine, commissary, hospital, and part of the guardhouse.


Camping with electricity, picnic sites, rest rooms, shower; hiking trails; pond, fishing.

Annual Events:

April: Annual Meeting of Friends of Fort Richardson
May: Frontier Festival
August: Hoof-N-Hair Cookoff
November: Military Re-Enactment
December: Christmas in the Park

Photo by Mario Gonzalez

Photos published by the Texas Parks and Wildlife depicts Dr. John Fox Hammond, surgeon in charge of Fort Richardson's Cavalry Post Hospital, conducting his morning rounds on December 19th, 1871.

Photo by Mario Gonzalez
A. J. Sowell

Probably the only good thing to come from the carnage of the Civil War were the advances made in surgery and convalescence. Dr. Hammond was a pioneer proponent and practitioner of the medical relationship between sanitation and disease.

Photo by Rod Florence

Photo by Mario Gonzalez

Photo by Rod Florence

Photo by Rod Florence

OTIS Historical Archives, National Museum of Health & Medicine

Dr. Hammond and Mackenzie's adjutant and biographer, R.G. Carter, were as close to being friends with Colonel Mackenzie as the commander could allow. Carter writes that such familiarity did not include joking with the short-tempered disciplinarian especially during long marches across the harsh Southern Plains.

Photo by Mario Gonzalez
Photo by Mario Gonzalez

Photo by J. Griffis Smith

Photo by J. Griffis Smith

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