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Encyclopedia of Indian Wars by Gregory F. Michno
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Battle Rock | Bear Creek | Bear River | Bennan's Prairie | Big Creek/Vinegar Hill | Big Meadows/Big Bend | Birch Creek, ID | Birch Creek/Pilot Rock, OR | Bruneau Valley | Camp Warner | Careless Creek | Cascades of the Columbia | Chetco River | City of Rocks | Clark's Fort | Cold Springs | Connell's Prairie | Coquille Massacre/River | Cottonwood Fights | Cow Creek, MT | Crooked River | Deer Creek | Deschutes River | Devil's Gate Canyon | Donner and Blitzen Creek | Dry Creek Station | Egan Canyon and Station | Empey's Ferry | Evans Creek and Meadows | Fall River Lava Beds | Fort Baker | Fort Lemhi | Fort Washakie | Four Lakes | Gold Beach | Government Springs | Grants Pass Area Skirmishes | Harney Lake Valley | Horse Prairie | Humboldt Bay Area Skirmishes | Humboldt Expedition | Humboldt Wells | Hungry Hill | Illinois River | Infernal Caverns | John Day's Road | Klamath Cave and Ferry | Lake Massacre | Malheur River | Marias River | Massacre Rocks | Mattole Valley | Miltimore Massacre | Miner's Delight | Muckleshoot Prairie | Mud Lake | N. Fork John Day River | Oak River | Owyhee River | Painted Rock | Pistol River | Popo Agie | Pueblo Mountain | Pyramid Lake | Round Valley | Russian River | S. Fork Trinity River | Satus Creek | Silver River | Sixteenmile Creek | Smith River | Smithfield | Snake River | South Mountain | Steen's Mountain | Steptoe's Fight/Tohotonimme Creek | Surprise Valley | Tassawicks | Terwaw Flats | Thomas's Ranch | Truckee River | Tulelake Area Skirmishes | Tuscarora | Umatilla Agency | Utter Fight/Castle Creek | Van Duzen's Creek | Walilatpu | Ward Massacre | Weippe Prairie | White and Puyallup Rivers | White Bird Canyon | Williams Station | Williams Valley | Willow Creek | Willow Creek Station | Yakima River


Fall River Lava Beds

Title: Fall River Lava Beds
Location: Northern California
Date: July 2, 1857

Fort Baker

Title: Fort Baker
Location: Bridgeville
Date: April 26, 1862

Humboldt Bay Area Skirmishes

Title: Daley's Ferry
Location: Arcata
Date: June 6, 1862

Title: Fort Anderson
Location: Blue Lake
Date: April 6, 1862

Title: Humboldt Bay Massacre
Location: Eureka
Date: February 25-26, 1860

Title: Kneeland's Prairie
Location: Eureka
Date: May 2, 1864

Infernal Caverns

Title: Infernal Caverns
Location: Northeastern California
Date: September 26-28, 1867

Klamath Cave and Ferry

Title: Klamath Cave and Ferry
Location: Yreka
Date: January 26 and May 24, 1854

Mattole Valley

Title: Mattole Valley
Location: Petrolia
Date: June 7, 1862

Oak Grove

Title: Oak Grove
Location: Oroville
Date: March 1, 1853

Round Valley

Title: Round Valley
Location: Covelo
Date: January 13, 1860

Russian River

Title: Russian River
Location: Healdsburg
Date: May 19, 1850

S. Fork Trinity River

Title: S. Fork Trinity River
Location: Forest Glen
Date: April 22, 1852

Smith River

Title: Smith River
Location: Crescent City
Date: June 7, 1851

Surprise Valley

Title: Surprise Valley
Location: Cedarville
Date: August 22, 1867

Terwaw Flats

Title: Terwaw Flats
Location: Klamath Glen
Date: November 17, 1857

Thomas's Ranch

Title: Thomas's Ranch
Location: Burnt Ranch
Date: November 13-14, 1863 and May 27, 1864

Tulelake Area Skirmishes

Battle of the Stronghold

Title: Battle of the Stronghold
Location: Tulelake
Date: January 17, 1873

Ben Wright Affair/Black Bluff

Title: Ben Wright Affair/Black Bluff
Location: Merrill, Oregon
Date: ca. November 15, 1852

Bloody Point

Title: Bloody Point
Location: Tulelake
Date: September 1852

Canby Massacre

Title: Canby Massacre
Location: Tulelake
Date: April 11, 1873

Hardin Butte/Lava Beds

Title: Hardin Butte/Lava Beds
Location: Tulelake
Date: April 26, 1873

Land's Ranch

Title: Land's Ranch
Location: Tulelake
Date: December 21, 1872

Lava Beds

Title: Lava Beds
Location: Tulelake
Date: April 15-17, 1873

Lost River

Title: Lost River
Location: Merrill, Oregon
Date: November 30, 1872

Scorpion Point

Title: Scorpion Point
Location: Tulelake
Date: May 7, 1873

Sorass Lake/Dry Lake

Title: Sorass Lake/Dry Lake
Location: Tulelake
Date: May 10, 1873

Van Duzen's Creek

Title: Van Duzen's Creek
Location: Dinsmore
Date: April 14-15, 1861

Williams Valley

Title: William's Valley
Location: Covelo
Date: April 9, 1863

Willow Creek

Title: Willow Creek
Location: Weaverville
Date: November 17, 1863

Willow Creek Ridge

Title: Willow Creek Ridge
Location: Dorris
Date: May 19, 1873


Big Creek/Vinegar Hill

Title: Big Creek/Vinegar Hill
Location: Big Creek
Date: July 29, 1879

Birch Creek

Title: Birch Creek
Location: Monteview
Date: August 15, 1877

Bruneau Valley

Title: Bruneau Valley
Location: Bruneau
Date: February 15, 1865

City of Rocks

Title: City of Rocks
Location: Almo
Date: September 12, 1862

Clear Creek

Title: Clear Creek
Location: Kooskia
Date: July 1, 1877

Cold Springs

Title: Cold Springs
Location: Malta
Date: July 27, 1859

Cottonwood Fights

Cottonwood Creek/Craig's Mountain

Title: Cottonwood Creek/Craig's Mountain
Location: Cottonwood
Date: July 3, 1877

Cottonwood House

Title: Cottonwood House
Location: Cottonwood
Date: July 4, 1877

"Brave Seventeen" Fight

Title: "Brave Seventeen" Fight
Location: Cottonwood
Date: July 5, 1877

Fort Lemhi

Title: Fort Lemhi
Location: Baker
Date: February 25, 1858

Lake Massacre

Title: Lake Massacre
Location: Boise
Date: August 19, 1854

Miltimore Massacre

Title: Miltimore Massacre
Location: American Falls
Date: August 31, 1859

South Mountain

Title: South Mountain
Location: Silver City
Date: June 8, 1878

Utter Fight/Castle Creek

Title: Utter Fight/Castle Creek
Location: Grand View
Date: September 9-10, 1860

Ward Massacre

Title: Ward Massacre
Location: Caldwell
Date: August 20, 1854

Weippe Prairie

Title: Weippe Prairie
Location: Weippe
Date: July 17, 1877


Careless Creek

Title: Careless Creek
Location: Ryegate
Date: April 17. 1879

Clark's Fork

Title: Clark's Fork
Location: Belfry
Date: September 4, 1878

Cow Creek

Title: Cow Creek
Location: Blaine County
Date: September 25, 1877

Horse Prairie

Title: Horse Prairie
Location: Grant
Date: August 12, 1877

Marias River

Title: Marias River
Location: Shelby
Date: January 23, 1870

Sixteenmile Creek

Title: Sixteenmile Creek
Location: Ringling
Date: April 7, 1869


Dry Creek Station

Title: Dry Creek Station
Location: Austin
Date: ca. June 16, 1860

Egan Canyon and Station

Title: Egan Canyon and Station
Location: Schellbourne
Date: August 11, 1860 and June 23, 1863

Government Springs

Title: Government Springs
Location: Cherry Creek
Date: June 20, 1863

Humboldt Expedition

Title: Humboldt Expedition
Location: Northeastern Nevada
Date: October 9-15, 1862

Humboldt Wells

Title: Humboldt Wells
Location: Wells
Date: August 13, 1857

Mud Lake

Title: Mud Lake
Location: Northwestern Nevada
Date: March 14, 1865

Pyramid Lake

Title: Pyramid Lake
Location: Nixon
Date: May 12, 1860

Truckee River

Title: Truckee River
Location: Wadsworth
Date: June 3-4, 1860


Title: Tuscarora
Location: Tuscarora
Date: May 20, 1865

Williams Station

Title: Williams Station
Location: Silver Springs
Date: May 29, 1860


Battle Rock

Title: Battle Rock
Location: Port Orford
Date: June 10, 1851

Bear Creek

Title: Bear Creek
Location: Ashland
Date: June 2, 1851

Big Meadows/Big Bend

Title: Big Meadows/Big Bend
Location: Illahe
Date: May 27-28, 1856

Birch Creek/Pilot Rock

Title: Birch Creek/Pilot Rock
Location: Pilot Rock
Date: July 8, 1878

Camp Warner

Title: Camp Warner
Location: South-Central Oregon
Date: July 27, 1867

Chetco River

Title: Chetco River
Location: Brookings
Date: February 15, 1854 and April 29, 1856

Coquille Massacre/River

Title: Coquille Massacre/River
Location: Bandon
Date: September 14 and November 22, 1851

Crooked River

Title: Crooked River
Location: Paulina
Date: May 18, 1864

Deer Creek

Title: Deer Creek
Location: Selma
Date: March 23, 1856

Deschutes River

Title: Deschutes River
Location: Northern Oregon
Date: June 29, 1860

Donner and Blitzen Creek

Title: Donner and Blitzen Creek
Location: Burns
Date: July 5, 1867 and March 14, 1868

Evans Creek and Meadows

Title: Evans Creek and Meadows
Location: Shady Cove
Date: August 17 and 24, 1853

Gold Beach

Title: Gold Beach
Location: Gold Beach
Date: February 23, 1856

Grant's Pass Area Skirmishes

Title: Applegate River Camp
Location: Applegate
Date: January 5, 1856

Title: Cow Creek
Location: Glendale
Date: January 23 and March 24, 1856

Title: Grave Creek
Location: Leland
Date: October 25, 1855

Title: Little Butte Creek
Location: Eagle Point
Date: October 8, 1855

Title: Little Butte Creek II
Location: Lakecreek
Date: December 24, 1855

Title: Little Meadows
Location: Mariel
Date: November 26, 1855

Title: Long's Ferry
Location: Grants Pass
Date: August 28, 1853

Title: Skull Bar
Location: Galice
Date: October 17, 1855

Title: Table Rock and Conference
Location: White City
Date: June 17, 1851, July 17, 1852

Harney Lake Valley

Title: Harney Lake Valley
Location: Burns
Date: April 7, 1864

Hungry Hill

Title: Hungry Hill
Location: Wolf Creek
Date: October 31 to November 1, 1855

Illinois River

Title: Illinois River
Location: Cave Junction
Date: March 24, 1856

John Day's Road

Title: John Day's Road
Location: Silver Lake
Date: June 24, 1864

Malhuer River

Title: Malhuer River
Location: Drewsey
Date: July 9, 1865

N. Fork John Day River

Title: N. Fork John Day River
Location: Dale/Northeastern Oregon
Date: July 2 and 20, 1878

Owyhee River

Title: Owyhee River
Location: Southeastern Oregon
Date: July 17, 1865, and December 26, 1866

Painted Rock

Title: Painted Rock
Location: Gold Beach
Date: ca. June 6, 1856

Pistol River

Title: Pistol River
Location: Pistol River
Date: March 18, 1856

Pueblo Mountain

Title: Pueblo Mountain
Location: Fields
Date: February 26, 1867

Silver River

Title: Silver River
Location: Riley
Date: June 28, 1878

Steen's Mountain

Title: Steen's Mountain
Location: Burns Junction
Date: January 28, 1867

Umatilla Agency

Title: Umatilla Agency
Location: Pendleton
Date: July 13, 1878


Devil's Gate Canyon

Title: Devil's Gate Canyon
Location: Brigham City
Date: August 14, 1859

Empey's Ferry

Title: Empey's Ferry
Location: Brigham City
Date: December 6, 1862


Title: Smithfield
Location: Smithfield
Date: July 23, 1860

Willow Creek Station

Title: Willow Creek Station
Location: Callao
Date: Mid-June 1860


Bennan's Prairie

Title: Bennan's Prairie
Location: Auburn
Date: December 4, 1855

Cascades of the Columbia

Title: Cascades of the Columbia
Location: Stevenson
Date: March 26-28, 1856

Connell's Prairie

Title: Connell's Prairie
Location: Buckley
Date: March 4, 1856

Four Lakes

Title: Four Lakes
Location: Four Lakes
Date: September 1, 1858

Muckleshoot Prairie

Title: Muckleshoot Prairie
Location: Enumclaw
Date: March 1, 1856

Satus Creek

Title: Satus Creek
Location: Granger
Date: April 10, 1856

Steptoe's Fight/Tohotonimme Creek

Title: Steptoe's Fight/Tohotonimme Creek
Location: Rosalia
Date: May 17, 1858


Title: Tassawicks
Location: Kahlotus
Date: March 13, 1856


Title: Walilatpu
Location: Walla Walla
Date: December 7-10, 1855

White and Puyallup Rivers

Title: White and Puyallup Rivers
Location: Puyallup
Date: November 4-7, 1855

Yakima River

Title: Yakima River
Location: Ellensburg
Date: August 15, 1858


Fort Washakie

Title: Fort Washakie
Location: Fort Washakie
Date: April 29, 1882

Miner's Delight

Title: Miner's Delight
Location: South Pass City
Date: May 4, 1870

Popo Agie

Title: Popo Agie
Location: Lander
Date: September 14, 1869

Snake River

Title: Snake River
Location: Jackson Hole
Date: September 12, 1878

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