Indian Raid North of Camp Colorado, During October of 1874

    During October of 1874, while the Indians were raiding through Coleman County, near old Camp Colorado, one of the cowhands of Sam Gholson, discovered Indians about one mile south of the old Bachelor Ranch. The savages were then pursued by J. B. Terrell, James Jackson, John Stephens, James Javens, and two more. They ran the Indians about six miles, and when they reached the Table Mountains, the warriors were in sight, and about one-half mile away. They then ran them about one mile further, and when the Indians were overtaken, a running fight followed. During the fighting, the citizens killed an Indian boy, about nineteen years of age, and another Indian appeared to be wounded. The Indian boy, that was killed, had his horse shot from under him, and attempted to reach another Indian, but failed. J. B. Terrell, according to reports, shot the Indian boy with a needle gun; and afterwards, another fellow rode up and shot the Indian in the head.

    Note: Author interviewed: J. B. Terrell, mentioned above; and one or two others.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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