Mackenzie's Raid into Mexico Famous Battle of Bandera Pass Devil's River Fight Battle of Plum Creek/Raid on Linnville Capt. Jack Hays' Fight at Enchanted Rock ROAD TRIP! ROAD TRIP! Moore Leads Republic's First Ranger Attack Against Indians Bird Creek Dove Creek Battle Village Creek Fight ROAD TRIP! Battles on Salt Creek Prairie Captain Barry's 1861 Fight Yellow House Canyon & Blanco Canyon ROAD TRIP! Stone Houses Battle of Little Wichita Battle of Pease River Old Spanish Fort Rush Springs Anadarko Reservation Battle of Soldier Spring Battle of Beecher's Island, 1868 Sumner Attacks Cheyennes, 1856 Sand Creek Massacre, 1864 Forts and Battlefields Forts and Battlefields Van Dorn Attacks Comanches on Crooked Creek, 1859 Antelope Hills Battle of the Washita Adobe Walls Mackenzie Attacks Mo-Way's Vilage ROAD TRIP! Keep Ranch Fight

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Fort Tours covers America but is focused on the Southern Plains. The Santa Fe Trail from Boone's Lick on the Missouri to the Rocky Mountains forms the northern border and the National Park Service has provided an engaging driving tour.

It seems appropriate that America's favorite Cowboy/Indian, Will Rogers, did a hitch at Booneville's (Boone' s Lick)Kemper Military School, established in 1844 to better educate the young princes of the prairie to assume their role in America's manifest destiny. The western border is formed by the Rio Grande River and the ancient Camino Real is another National Park drive worth taking. Details about the remaining recommended road trips can be found on our maps page.

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