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In February of 1873, Jesse Veale was the last victim of an Indian attack on the mouth of the Ioni in Palo Pinto County. Citizens searched the countryside around Bluff Creek and the Belding Ranch, discovering Veale's body as well as those of two Indians that had been his victims in the fight. In the process, they encountered a band of warriors who gave them a good fight, causing some injuries. The Indians took refuge in a cave as darkness fell. They guarded the entrance through the night and the men made a charge the next morning, only to find the raiders had escaped.

Palo Pinto to Ward Mountain Map

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Below is a view of the Strawn/Mingus/Thurber area, accessible west of Lone Camp on 3137. Strawn is famous for Mary's Cafe. Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy recently reiterated his high opinion of their chicken-fried steaks. These hills were once active mining areas and Thurber still boasts it's old brick factory smokestacks. Mingus is famous for its scrappy little honky tonks. A little common sense goes a long way; don't kick the sleeping dog or the jukebox in the corner of the dance floor. Sunday afternoons have live music and dancers come from all around; but get there early, things wrap up around sundown. The map below is a scenic drive to visit the Strawn/Mingus/Thurber area.

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Hwy. 16 from the headwaters of the Trinity through the Bandera Mountains may be the most historic and beautiful drive in Texas. Patricia Sharpe recently reviewed this drive in Texas Monthly.


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