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Palo Pinto County, Texas

My route continues south on Hwy. 16 to the Brazos just below the Possum Kingdom dam. Don't miss this view of Loving pasture at Dark Valley! There a cabin once stood which boasted the first wooden floor in Palo Pinto County. Within a year tragedy struck and the owner, Mr. Davis, had to tear out the lumber in order to build a coffin for his deceased wife.

Map of Possum Kingdom Road Trip

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A little further down the Brazos was the Old Painted Campground named for decorations Indians painted on the surrounding trees. This is where Dobb's scalp was found just in time to be rushed to his funeral and placed where it belonged prior to burial.

Picture of Hell's Gate Picture of Hell's Gate
Belding Cowboy's Overlooking Hell's Gate
(picture from the book, Painted Pole, by Barbara Belding Gibson
View of Gate After Construction of Morris Dam
(picture courtesy of Allen "Alley Cat" Ince)

Entrances to several magnificent resort developments including The Cliffs with its highly ranked golf course and hotel and Sportsman's World, hosting elaborate stables and marina, can be found on the west side of Hwy. 16. A good portion of this country including Hell's Gate is still part of the historical Belding Ranch, whose house is part of the original cabin built in 1859. My route turns back at the Brazos, take a left at FM-2353 and stop at Observation Point. From there, continue north toward Graham and Fort Belknap. Early in the ascent the frontier retreat and steakhouse, Wildcatter Ranch, is tucked away on the west side of the road.

Looking north at Observation Point


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