Citizens of Coryell Kill Several Indians Near Ferry

Coryell County, Texas

    During 1861 it was discovered the Indians were raiding in Coryell County. Consequently, Curran Richardson, Ike Richardson, James Wylie, Wm. Study, Brazier and about five others rushed to Lookout Mountain near the present village, Ferry, to waylay the Indians as they left the settlements. In due time, the savages arrived and the citizens killed five of the seven savages.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

We received the following e-mail concerning this story:

Hi there- Love your site! It is a continual inspiration to me and I thank you! I wanted to let you in on a tiny misspelling that might help you find the location of a bloody indian raid site.... It talks about the town of "Ferry" - but I think you mean the town of "Fairy" - located 20 miles outside of Jonesboro - and in close locale to coryell county.

Maybe that helps? Again, thanks again for a great site! Megan Harris

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