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Llano County, Texas

    During the early part of 1870, Sampson Hale, who lived near the west end of Long Mountain in Llano County, purchased a new Winchester and was alone on top of the mountain to try it out, when five Indians happened to come along. He shot and killed one of the savages not a great distance back of Mr. Whitlock's home near the old Llano-Fort Mason road and near the south side of Long Mountain.

    Several weeks later and during the latter part of 1870, Mr. Whitlock was plowing with oxen in a little field south of his house and his wife and two babies were at home. Indians slipped up, murdered Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock and their baby girl and took the little boy, about four years of age, away. They also robbed the house, as usual, and then burned Mr. Whitlock's cedar log cabin to the ground.

    It has been supposed the Indians thought that it were Mr. Whitlock that killed the savage back of his house, on the top of Long Mountain, and did this to revenge the death of the lost Indian.

    Note: Author personally interviewed Asa Arnold; W.H. Roberts; Ike Maxwell and other early settlers of this section.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

Whitlock story by Wilbarger

The above story is from Indian Depredations in Texas by J.W. Wilbarger.

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