Lauderdate Massacre

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Jack County, Texas

    About 1873, Lauderdate who had been to Weatherford and unloaded his supplies during the preceding day, left his home in the morning to return the borrowed wagon and horse to the home of Wilburn Brummett, a neighbor, who lived several miles away. Lauderdate lived on Carroll's Creek, about six miles from Brummett's home. When about half-way between the two places, he was massacred by the Indians, who took his horses.

    Note: Author interviewed: Joe Fowler; A.M. Lasater, James Wood; and one or two others who were early settlers in that section.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

Young County historian Dorman Holub offers a correction to McConnell's version:


I suspect this is the Lauderdale Massacre instead of the Lauderdate massacre as you have it.

Dorman Holub
Chairman, Young County Historical Commission
Graham, TX

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