Waford Johnson, Wife and Children

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Burnet County, Texas

One of the reliable surviving old-timers, with whom the author corresponded was of the opinion that Mr. Johnson's name was Enic, instead of Waford. All others were of the opinion that Mr. Johnson was generally known by the latter name. It is, of course, possible that he could have been nicknamed Enic. He could have also had two or more given names.

    Nevertheless, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and children lived near the line of Burnet and Williamson Counties, and near Dog Branch, a tributary of the Gabriel. They had been visiting a neighbor and were returning home when ambushed by Indians. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and an eight year old daughter were killed, the baby thrown in the brush, where it was found the next day because of its crying, and a five year old daughter jumped from the horse which she was riding, and ran down the bank. She alone escaped to relate the story. This five year old daughter successfully reached the home of her aunt, but was so exhausted she could hardly relate her story.

    Note: Author personally interviewed M.J. Bolt, G.R. Holland, Joe Smith and others who lived in Burnet County at the time.

    Further Ref.: Wilbarger's Indian Depredations in Texas.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

Waford Johnson story by Wilbarger

The above story is from Indian Depredations in Texas by J.W. Wilbarger.

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