Wilbarger's Indian Depredations in Texas

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Preface by J.W. Wilbarger


Adkinson, William

Alexander, James

Anglin, Dauthet, Faulkenberry & Anderson

All's Well that Ends Well

Baker and Souls

Barry, Captain R. B.

Bee, H. P. General, Extracts from Journal

Bowie, General

Brashear, W. P.

Burnam, Jesse

Bell, William, and Captain Coleman

Battle of Brushy

Battle between Cherokees and Wacos

Battle - Cherokees Get Even

Barton's, William, Stratagem

Boyce, James

Battle of Antelope Hills

Battle of the Wichita

Battle of Pease River & Cynthia Ann Parker

Battle Creek Fight

Brown, Colonel John Henry

Battle of Plum Creek

Bear Fight and Murder of John Denton

Brown, Rev. Mr., Methodist Preacher

Baggett's House, Attack on

Brown, Lewis, Pierce and John Elam

Battle of Lookout Point

Baylor, General - Fight on Paint Creek

Butcher Knife Fight

Bird Creek Fight, the Famous

Boys, Two Captured

Burleson, Edward, General

Burleson, Ed., Fight with Foot Indians

Burnet County, Raids and Murders in

Blanco and Mason Counties, Murders in


Carter and Witcher

Cherokee War

Children, Mrs. Simpson's

Cordova Fight, The

Caranchua Indians, The

Cooper, William

Cavina, Charles

Coryell, James

Coleman, Mrs.

Coleman, Colonel

Coleman and Bell

Crouch and Davidson

Clopton's Negro

Camp Meeting, First in Grayson

Clubz, Death of

Crawfield, Captain

Chrisman, J. H

Cedar Gap Raid

Cameron and Mason Massacre

Cureton's, Captain, Fight

Comanche Princess, A

Clemmons and Whisler

Carmeans and Tankersley

Council House Fight

Comanche Invasion

Coulston, Nick, Mrs.

Dalrymple, Colonel

Donovan and Pyron

Dolson, Capt. George M.

Dugan Family, Settlement of

Daugherty, Murder of

Dancer, Rev. Jonas

Dugan, Daniel V., & Wm. Kitchen, Murder

Dugan's House, Attack on

Dillard Brothers, Heroic Defense of

Denton, John, Murder of

Durham, George, on Guard


Earthman, Henry

Eagleston, John

Edwards, John

Erath, Captain George B.

Erath, Captain George B. - Fight

Eldridge,Col. J. C.- Hazardous Expedition to Wild Tribes

Eubank, Thomas

Eastland County

Floyd, F.

Flores Fight, The

Fannin's First Campaign

Flanagans, The

Flacco and Castro

Friend Matilda S.

Gilleland. Daniel

Gonzales' Horses

Green, Jeremiah

Griffith and White

Goacher, James

Hays, Colonel Jack

Hibbins, Sarah

Hornsby, Daniel

Harris and Blakey

Hill, Captain William

Harvey, Captain

Harvey, Captain John

Hotchkiss, William S.

Hunter, Doctor, Wife and Daughter, Murder


Incidents in Southwestern Texas

Indians Attack United States Mail Coach

Indian Raids in Erath & Adjoining Counties

Indian Warfare on the Border

Italian Trader

Johnson's Station

Jones, Mrs.

Jaynes, Judge

Joy Family, The

Jenkins, William

Jackson, Mose, Murder of Family

Jack County, Murders in

Jack County, Murders in 1864 - 1874

Jones, Major John B.

Johnson, Brit, a Negro, His Thrilling Career

Johnson, Rebecca and Samantha

Kitchen's Station

Dugan and Kitchens

Kinney's Fort

Kuykendall and Splann

Kinney, Colonel H. L.

Karnes, Colonel

Keenon and Paschal Families, Massacre of

Killough Family and Woods, Massacre of

Kimble and Gillespie Counties, Murders in


Lawhorn, Jesse

Lance's, Mrs., Son

Lemley, Miss, Massacre of

Linnville, Sacking of

Loy, Alley and Clark

Lyons, DeWitt

Lane, General Walter P.

Lindsey, Owen, Killed

Lockhart, Matilda

Love, A. C, Hand to Hand Fight

Llano County, Murders and Battles


Miller and Morell

Moore's, Colonel, Expedition

Moore's, Colonel, Expedition, San Saba

McLellan, Margaret

Maden Massacre

Marlin, John

Manlove, Bartholomew

Manchaca Fight, The

Manor, Joseph

McCulloch, Captain Ben

Martin, Judge, The Fate of

Morgan Massacre and Bryant's Defeat

McCulloch, General Henry E.

Moody, McIntyre's Two Sons and Sewell, Murder

McCarty and Daugherty, Murder of

Martin, Henry

Menasco and Shegogg Families

McCullom, Captain

McLellan, John

McDonald, Mrs. Ely


Nolin, John (see also Satanta)

Nolin, John

Norris, Thomas

Nash, Michael

Negro Turns White


Old Guards, The Two

Osborn, Claiborne

Oldham's, Colonel, Fight on Cedar Creek


Parker Fort Massacre

Parker, Cynthia Ann, and Quanah Parker

Pioneer Life, Reminiscences of

Palo Pinto County, Murders in

Parker County, Massacres in

Parker County, More Murders

Parker County, Massacres 1863 to 1873

Peveler and Cox

Packsaddle Mountain

Pyron, Captain


Riding Match/Rangers & Comanches

Robertson, Samuel

Rowland, Stewart and Gray

Reed, Joseph

Rover, John

Robinson and Robbins, Captains

Rogers, Joseph

Ross, General L. S. - Battle of Wichita

Rock Creek Fight

Ross. Captain S. P., Slays Chief Big Foot

Ridgeway, David

Riggs Massacre


San Marcos Fight of the Burlesons

Sutton, Captain John S.

Smith, Taylor

Saunders, Young

Smith, Judge James

Scalped by Proxy

Stone House Fight

Swisher, James G.

Shuff, Thomas

Sims, Bartlett

Sparks, Barry and Holland

Sowell, Death of

School House Massacre

Sherman, General W. T., Tour of Inspection On Border

Satanta, Satank and Big Tree Raid

Spark's Surveying Party Massacred - Victory of Maj. Howard

Snively's, Colonel, Expedition

Snively, Colonel, Fight at Antelope Creek

Simpson's, Mrs., Children

San Saba County Murders and Battles


Tate, James

Tumlinson, Captain

Thompson, Thomas

Taylor, John Grimes

Ten Surveyors Killed

Taylor Family, Heroic Defense

Tacket, Marion and Sarah Matthews

Tacket Fight

The Indian Hater

Townsend, Miss Amanda

Taylor, Mrs. Gilead


Uvalde County - Indian Outrages


Wilbarger, Josiah

Wilbarger, John L.

Webster, James

Whitney, Miss Ann

Willis, William

Weir, William

Wallace, William

White, John

Walker, John

Williams and Haggett Murdered

White, Gideon

White's Negro

Wahrenberger, John

Williams, Leroy

Williams, Mrs. John

Washburn, Josiah

Woods, Mrs., and Miss Lemley, Massacre of

Witcher and Carter

Williamson Killed

Wallace's Fight with the Big Indian

Wallace's Maverick

Wallace's, Big Foot, Old Stamping Grounds


Young, Michael

Yeargin, Mrs.

York's, Captain, Fight

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