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We are proud to offer the following books and maps by Mr. Jack Loftin:

Trails Through Archer, A Centennial History
A 600 page hardback with many photos,
(over 6000 sold - a collectors' item)
Archer County Family History Book
(200 families)
5-County Map in Color Covering the Counties of Archer, Clay, Jack, Wichita and Young
Size 2' x 3'

The following books are updated on a daily basis. The Loftins have done massive research, going to each individual cemetery, checking death records, etc. for each of the counties listed below. These records contain burial names, births, deaths, parents, spouses, military records and sections where applicable.

Archer County Cemetery Census
(10,000 entries)
Clay/Western Montague County Cemetery Census
(21,000 entries)
Jack County Cemetery Census
(16,000 entries)
Montague County Cemetery Census
(32,000 entries)
Palo Pinto County Cemetery Census
(34,000 entries)
Young County Cemetery Census
(23,000 entries)
Bygone Days In and Around Bryson by L.A. Riddle
My Memories by Loretta Manley Smith

All of the above are available without tax. Postage varies from $1.00 to $3.00.

Contact Mr. or Mrs. Loftin to order:

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