Running Fight Five Miles South of Johnson City

Blanco County, Texas

    During 1870, the savages stole horses near Round Mountain, in Blanco County. The rangers were notified, so Columbus and Jim Patton, Charlie Haynes, Dave Herrington, John Backus, George and Jim Green, Sam Cady, B. Herrington, Will Davidson, and J.B. Heidemann, followed the Indians about seven miles, and ran on them approximately five miles south of Johnson City. Both factions were evenly matched in numbers. The citizens shot the Indian chief's horse in the tail. The chief was then charged by Columbus Patton, who received a painful wound. J.B. Heidemann was mortally wounded, and Dave Herrington numbered among the injured before the fight was over. The Indian chief was finally shot from his horse, but he was carried away by his comrades. Several other Indians were also wounded. During the fighting the citizens captured an Indian's shield, eleven horses, fifteen blankets, three six-shooters, three lariat ropes, three saddles, and a quiver of arrows. Heidemann soon died.

    Note: Author personally interviewed: Hon. Sam Johnson, of Johnson City, who assisted several to secure their pensions, and familiar with the details of this fight.

    Further Ref.: Frontier Times, August 1927

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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