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Map of Eastern Apacheria Battles

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New Mexico

Animas Mountains

Title: Animas Mountains
Location: Animas
Date: January 9 and December 18, 1877

Black Range

Title: Black Range
Location: Southwestern New Mexico
Date: May 29, 1879

Caballo Mountains

Title: Caballo Mountains
Location: Caballo
Date: January 30, 1880

Canada Alamosa

Title: Canada Alamosa
Location: Monticello
Date: July 13, 1873

Canyon de los Muertos Carneros

Title: Canyon de los Muertos Carneros
Location: Southwestern New Mexico
Date: May 24, 1857

Cooke's Canyon

Title: Cooke's Canyon
Location: Deming
Date: July 10 and 24, 1863 and June 5, 1880

Cooke's Spring

Title: Cooke's Spring
Location: Deming
Date: July 21-22, 1861

Cuchillo Negro Creek

Title: Cuchillo Negro Creek
Location: Chloride
Date: September 29-30, 1879 and August 16, 1881

Datil Mountains

Title: Datil Mountains
Location: Datil, New Mexico
Date: January 12, 1864

Devil's Creek

Title: Devil's Creek
Location: Alma, New Mexico
Date: May 22, 1885

Dona Ana Mountains

Title: Dona Ana Mountains
Location: Dona Ana
Date: November 20, 1867

Florida Mountains

Title: Florida Mountains
Location: Deming
Date: September 15, 1876; January 24, 1877; November 8, 1885

Fort Craig

Title: Fort Craig
Location: San Marcial
Date: July 4, 1863

Fort Cummings

Title: Fort Cummings
Location: Deming
Date: September 7, 1880

Fort Fauntleroy

Title: Fort Fauntleroy
Location: Fort Wingate
Date: September 13, 1861

Fort Thorn

Title: Fort Thorn
Location: Hatch
Date: July 12, 1863

Fort Webster

Title: Fort Webster
Location: Hanover and Mimbres
Date: February 6, 1852 and December 4, 1860

Gavilan Canyon

Title: Gavilan Canyon
Location: San Juan
Date: August 19, 1881

Hatchet Mountains

Title: Hatchet Mountains
Location: Hachita
Date: August 27, 1868

Hembrillo Canyon/San Andres Springs

Title: Hembrillo Canyon/San Andres Springs
Location: South-Central New Mexico
Date: April 7-8, 1880

Jornada del Muerto

Title: Jornada del Muerto
Location: Rincon
Date: June 16, 1863


Title: Laguna
Location: Truth or Consequences
Date: January 24-25, 1852

Las Animas Creek

Title: Las Animas Creek
Location: Hillsboro
Date: September 18, 1879

Little Dry Creek

Title: Little Dry Creek
Location: Pleasanton
Date: December 19, 1885

Lloyd's & Slocum's Ranches

Title: Lloyd's & Slocum's Ranches
Location: Nutt
Date: October 13, 1879

Mangas Coloradas Affair

Title: Mangas Coloradas Affair
Location: Hurley
Date: January 18, 1863

McComas Massacre

Title: McComas Massacre
Location: Lordsburg
Date: March 28, 1883

Monica Springs

Title: Monica Springs
Location: Monticello
Date: August 3, 1881

Ojo del Muerto

Title: Ojo del Muerto
Location: Truth or Consequences
Date: March 11, 1857

Ojo del Oso

Title: Ojo del Oso
Location: Fort Wingate
Date: October 10, 1858

Palomas River

Title: Palomas River
Location: Chloride
Date: May 24, 1880

Percha Creek

Title: Percha Creek
Location: Hillsboro
Date: January 12, 1880

Pinos Altos

Title: Pinos Altos
Location: Southwestern New Mexico
Date: February 25, 1864

Red Canyon

Title: Red Canyon
Location: Monticello
Date: August 1, 1881

Red River

Title: Red River
Location: Mangas
Date: December 1, 1864

Salt Lakes

Title: Salt Lakes
Location: Quemado
Date: August 27-28, 1863

San Augustin Pass

Title: San Augustin Pass
Location: Organ
Date: May 2 and 7, 1869

San Mateo Mountains

Title: San Mateo Mountains
Location: Monticello
Date: January 17, 1880

Sierra Almagre

Title: Sierra Almagre
Location: Red Rock
Date: March 20, 1856

Stein's Peak

Title: Stein's Peak
Location: Lordsburg
Date: ca. March 28, 1861

Warm Springs

Title: Warm Springs
Location: Truth or Consequences
Date: June 20, 1863

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