Banty Allen

Shackelford County, Texas

    About 1872, Banty Allen, Jackie Daniels, Wm. Clayton, James Yandell Ralston, and others, who lived within a few miles of the present cities of Strawn, and Ranger, went to the old Ledbetter Salt Works, about nine miles south of Albany for salt. Several others were around the salt works at the time, and buffalo hunters camped nearby. Just after sunrise, Banty Allen went over the hill, six or eight hundred yards east of the salt works, to get some wood. He was alone and killed by about four Indians. Joe S. and James Schoolcraft, and Geo. Funderburgh, who were hunting buffalo, found Allen in a very few minutes after he was killed. Joe Schoolcraft stated that Allen was unarmed, and lanced to death. But another report states that Allen was killed with guns. If so, it means that the guns were not heard at the salt works. Regardless of how he was murdered the Indians added another grave to the Davidson Cemetery, between Strawn and Thurber.

    Note: Author personally interviewed Joe S. Schoolcraft, who was one of the first to reach Allen; Mrs. John Gibson, who then lived about one-half mile from Banty Allen's home; and one or two others. Also corresponded with Walter Cochran, who then lived in the Strawn territory.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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