Big Pond Swing Station

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The Big Pond swing station was located on Bitter Creek about 12 miles to the west of the La Clede station. Some remains of the station can be seen to the east of Bitter Creek Road next to the dry lake. . The station was constructed of flat slabs of fossilized snail shell sandstone that is prevalent in the near-by hills. It appears that the station buildings themselves were spead out a bit, with one building, erected over a hand-dug, rock-lined well, having a fireplace. There was also a corral.

The Big Pond station saw its share of Indian problems, with five soldiers sent there in June 1865 from Company B, First Battalion, Nevada cavalry from their headquarters at the Washakie Station to protect the station inhabitants and livestock. On July 20, 1867, a group of 150 Indians descended upon the Big Pond station and burned it, but it was rebuilt.

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