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Young County, Texas

    During June of 1869, the Indians killed Frank Taylor, who carried the mail from Belknap to Jacksboro. Frank Taylor had gone about ten miles east of Belknap, and was riding in an old backboard buggy. Frank Taylor was scalped and half of his mustache and one thumb were also removed. The Indians then ripped open the U.S, Mail sacks, threw the mail away, and took the sacks with them. A cow outfit was camped on Salt Creek, two or three miles away, and they conveyed the news to Belknap. Babe Williams, W.T. Steadham, and one other, went out to where Frank Taylor had been killed. The latter was found about two or three hundred yards from the road. His body was covered with brush until he was buried by the soldiers who came out from Fort Richardson. Babe Williams, W.T. Steadham and their associate, picked up the mail that seemed to be scattered everywhere, and took it on to Jacksboro,

    Note: Author personally interviewed; W.T. Steadham, and Babe Williams mentioned above, and others who lived in that section of the state of Texas at the time. Further Ref.: Statistics of the, U.S. Census, for 1870.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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