San Rogue Creek

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Part of our in-depth series exploring the forts of Comancheria

17 September 1852; Cotulla, Texas: Citizens of Laredo, Texas, were alarmed when Indians, probably Lipans, crossed the Rio Grande and began raiding up and down the river. A Texas Ranger company under Capt. Owen Shaw intercepted the trail and tracked the Indians north to the Nueces River, then upstream. About 30 miles northwest of Fort Ewell on San Rogue Creek, about 12 miles west of present-day Cotulla, the Rangers found the Indians' camp.

The Indians approached the Texans from an arroyo and opened fire with rifles, arrows, and one six-shooter. From 75 yards away, Shaw and his men returned fire with their larger number of rifles. When Shaw charged, the Indians abandoned the arroyo, and the mounted Rangers cut them down on the prairie.

The Rangers killed 9 Indians and wounded 11; only 1 escaped. They also captured 23 horses and mules, plus saddles, bridles, and weapons. Shaw had no casualties.
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