Big Tree’s Raiding Ground Road Trip

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Highway 51 South is the quickest route to Decatur and passes the vicinity of Ranger Sowell's Keep Ranch Fight and also the tail end of Big Tree's 1868 Kiowa Raid. A great alternative route is to follow 677 from Saint Jo to Forestburg and on down 1655 past Sowell's Kenon Ranch Fight to Alvord then catching 287 to Decatur.

My favorite route is to remain on Highway 82 past Saint Jo to Nocona. Six miles west is the marker to the Old Red River Ranger Station and 17 miles north on FM 103 are two markers near the site of Old Spanish Fort.

Old Spanish Fort

Highway 82

Old Spanish Fort Map

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In the late 1750s, the Spanish sent an army of five hundred to punish the Comanche, Wichita and their French allies at what is now called the Old Spanish Fort. They intended to teach the Indians not to raid the settlements around San Antonio but their overwhelming defeat encouraged future attacks. The Spanish settlers became virtual prisoners inside the walls of their missions and presidios.

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1861 Red River Valley

Babb Family

Johnson Miller

James & William Ball

Mrs. Huff & Daughters

1868 Raid

Keep Ranch Fight

Mueller & Son

Kenon/Paschal Families

Lt. Van Robbins

Private Tulley

St. Clair Jones

Levi Perryman

Bob Lackey & McLeroy Children

Bailey & Green

Bailey & Stump

W. A. & Arch Johnson

Beale & Maxey Families

Capt. Totty's Men

Victoria Peak Raid

Dye Mound Fight

1866 Raid

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