Texas Ranger Filmography

Michael has a BA in History & American Studies and an MSc in American History from the University of Edinburgh. He comes from a proud military family and has spent most of his career as an educator in the Middle East and Asia. His passion is travel, and he seizes any opportunity to share his experiences in the most immersive way possible, whether at sea or on the land.

The following list is from the book, Texas Ranger Tales II, by Mike Cox.

1910 The Ranger's Bride
Starring: William "Bronco Billy" Anderson

1911 The Border Ranger
Starring: William "Bronco Billy" Anderson

1912 The Ranger and His Horse: William Duncan
Studio: Selig

1914 The Ranger's Romance
Starring: Tom Mix, Studio: Selig

1918 Heart of the Southwest
Director: Frank Powell, Studio: Goldwyn

1918 The Ranger

1919 The Lone Star Ranger
Starring: Charles Clary, William Farnum, Frederick Herzog, Lamar Johnstone, Tom London, Louise Lovely, G. Raymond Nye, Irene Rich.
Note: First screen adaptation of Zane Grey's novel, a book dedicated to the Texas Rangers.

1921 The Ranger and the Law
Starring: Lester Cuneo, Walter I. McCloud, Francelia Billington, Clark Comstock

1922 The Big Ranger

1922 Ranger's Reward

1923 The Footlight Ranger

1923 King's Creek Law

1923 The Lone Star Ranger
Starring: Tom Mix
Note: Second version of Zane Grey's classic.

1925 The Fighting Ranger
Starring: Charles Avery, Slim Cole, Jack Dougherty

1925 One Shot Ranger
Starring: Pete Morrison and Betty Godwin

1925 Ranger Bill
Starring: Dick Carter and Dorothy Woods

1925 Rider of the Painted Horse

1925 Riders of the Purple Sage
Starring: Tom Mix

1925 Ahead of the Law

1926 Daredevil's Reward

1926 The Fighting Ranger

1926 Outlaws of Red River
Starring: Tom Mix, Marjorie Daw
Note: "Gerald Beaumont's Drama of the Fighting Texas Rangers."

1927 Rambling Ranger
Starring: Jack Hoxie, Dorothy Gulliver, C.E. Anderson

1928 Law of the Range

1928 The Ranger's Oath
Starring: Al Hoxie, L.V. Jefferson, Jack Draper

1929 Rio Rita
Starring: Bebe Daniels, John Boles
Note: When Ranger Captain James Stewart chases an out­law called "The Kinkajou" across the Rio Grande into Mexico, he becomes enamored with the lovely Rita. Problem is, her brother is the bad guy.

1930 Last of the Duanes
Starring: George O'Brien, Lucile Brown, Myrna Loy, Studio: Fox
Note: Based on Zane Grey's novel.

1930 The Lone Star Ranger
Starring: George O'Brien, Sue Carol, Walter McGrail, Warren Hymer, Russell Simpson, Roy Stewart, Studio: Fox
Note: Third version of Zane Grey's novel, but the first version with sound.

1931 Border Law
Starring: Buck Jones, Lupita Tovar, James Mason, Frank Rice, Studio: Columbia
Note: When outlaw Shag Smith kills a Ranger's brother, the Ranger and a colleague quit the force so they can join the outlaw's gang in Mexico. Their plan is to lure Smith and his fellow brigands back to Texas--and Ranger justice.

1931 The Cisco Kid
Starring: Warner Baxter, Nora Lane, Edmund Lowe, Chrispin Martin, Willard Robertson, Douglas Haig, Charles Stevens, Conchita Montengro, Studio: Fox
Note: This screenplay was based on "The Caballero's Way," a short story by William Sydney Porter, who used the pen name of O. Henry. See Texas Ranger Tales, Volume 1.

1931 Lasca of the Rio Grande
Starring: Leo Carrillo, John Mack Brown, Dorothy Burgess, Studio: Universal

1931 The Texas Ranger
Starring: Buck Jones, Carmelita Geraghty, Fred Burns, Harry M. Woods, Jim Corey, Studio: Beverly Productions/Columbia
Note: An undercover Ranger is discovered and faces lynching.

1932 Come on, Danger
Starring: Tom Keene, Julie Haydon, Roscoe Ates, Studio: RKO-Radio
Note: When the Ranger learns the killer he seeks is a woman, can he bring her in?

1932 Riders of the Desert

1932 Riders of the Purple Sage
Starring: George O'Brien, Marguerite Churchill, Noah Beery, Studio: Fox
Note: Another Zane Grey classic.

1933 King of the Arena
Starring: Ken Maynard, Lucile Browne, John St. Polis, Studio: Universal
Note: Rangers face an outlaw called "Black Death." He shoots chemical bullets that turn victims black in the process of killing them. But in the end, old-fashioned Ranger lead takes care of "Black Death."

1933 Man of Action

1933 The Ranger s Code
Starring: Bob Steele, Doris Hill, George Hayes, George Nash, Ernie Adams, Ed Brady, Hal Price, Dick Dickinson, Frank Ball, Studio: Monogram

1934 The Dude Ranger
Starring: George O'Brien, Irene Hervey, Syd Saylor, LeRoy Mason, Studio: Principal/Fox
Note: Story by Zane Grey.

1934 The Fighting Ranger
Starring: Buck Jones, Dorothy Revier, Frank Rice, Bradley Page, Ward Bond, Studio: Columbia
Note: Bond later starred in the TV Western "Wagon Train."

1934 The Fighting Ranger
Starring: Ken Maynard, Cecilia Parker, Hooper Atchley, Walter Miller, Studio: Universal

1934 Miracle Rider
Starring: Tom Mix, Joan Gale, Charles Middleton, Jason Robards, Studio: Mascot
Note: This 15-part serial was Tom Mix's last movie. He was killed in a traffic crash shortly after its filming. See Texas Ranger Tales, Volume 1.

1935 Cyclone Ranger
Starring: Bill Cody, Nena Quartern, Eddie Gribbon, Studio: Spectrum
Note: Even cattle rustlers sometimes try to clean up their act. But they get in trouble again when they end up at a ranch where the blind owner thinks one of them killed her son.

1935 Rough Riding Ranger
Starring: Rex Lease, Bobby Nelson, Janet Chandler, Yakima Canutt, Studio: Merrick/Superior

1936 Drift Fence
Starring: Larry "Buster" Crabbe, Katherine DeMille, Tom Keense, Studio: Paramount
Note: Later re-released as Texas Desperadoes.

1936 The Kid Ranger
Starring: Bob Steele, Joan Barclay, Earl Dwire, William Farnum, Charles King, Lafe McKee, Frank Ball, Reesty Adams.

1936 Ride, Ranger, Ride
Starring: Gene Autry, Smiley Burrnette, The Tennessee Ramblers, Studio: Republic
Note: Ranger goes undercover to escort an Army wagon train laden with ammunition and supplies. Military does not take him seriously until the Comanches attack.

1936 The Texas Rangers
Starring: Fred MacMurray, Jack Oakie, Jean Parker, Lloyd Nolan, Edward Ellis, Bennie Bartlett, Elena Martinez, Frank Shannon, George Hayes, Fred Kohler, Hank Bell, Studio: Paramount

1936 The Unknown Ranger
Starring: Robert Allen, Martha Tibbets, Hal Taliaferro, Harry Woods, Robert Henry, Studio: Columbia
Note: In the first of a series of Ranger movies starring Allen, he hires on as a cowboy on the Wright ranch to get to the bottom of a major rustling problem. The Ranger discovers the rustler is actually a horse.

1936 Whistling Bullets

1937 Galloping Dynamite

1938 Guns of the Pecos

1939 The Gun Ranger
Starring: Bob Steele, Eleanor Stewart, John Merton, Ernie Adams, Studio: Republic
Note: Ranger gets his man but a crooked politician frees the accused murderer. Ranger removes his badge and proceeds to eliminate killers and crooked politicians.

1937 Law of the Ranger
Starring: Robert Allen, Elaine Shepard, Hal Taliaferro, Studio: Columbia
Note: Rangers Bob and Wally work undercover to breakup the Nash gang.

1937 Ranger Courage
Starring: Robert Allen, Martha Tibbets, Walter Miller, Studio: Columbia
Note: The Rangers are called on to protect a wagon train.

1937 The Rangers Step In
Starring: Robert Allen, Eleanor Stewart, Jay Wilsey, Studio: Columbia
Note: The Rangers settle a feud.

1937 The Reckless Ranger
Starring: Robert Allen, Louise Small, Jack Perrin, Studio: Columbia

1937 Rio Grande Ranger
Starring: Robert Allen, Iris Meredith, Hal Taliaferro, Studio: Columbia

1938 Code of the Rangers
Starring: Zeke Clemens, Judith Ford, Kit Guard, Frank La Rue, Rex Lease, Tim McCoy, Wheeler Oakman, Roger Williams, Studio: Monogram

1938 Come On, Rangers!
Starring: Roy Rogers, Mary Hart, Raymond Hatton, J. Farrell MacDonald, Studio: Republic
Note: Rangers team up with U.S. Army to combat outlaws. Among other titles, Rogers sings "I've Learned a Lot about Women."

1938 The Little Ranger

1938 The Lone Ranger
|Starring: Lee Powell as the Lone Ranger, Chief Thunder­cloud as Tonto, and the horse "Silver Chief as "Silver", Studio: Republic
Note: A 15-chapter serial based on Fran Striker's radio classic.

1938 Man's Country

1938 Phantom Ranger
Starring: Tim McCoy, Suzanne Kaaren, John St. Polis, Karl Hackett, Studio: Monogram

1938 The Ranger's Roundup
Starring: Fred Scott, Al St. John, Christine Mclntyre, Earle Hodgins, Studio: Spectrum

1938 Renegade Ranger
Starring: George O'Brien, Rita Hayworth, Tim Holt, Ray Whitley, Studio: RKO
Note: Ranger Jack Steele rides out after Judith Alvarez, lady gang leader battling crooked politicians.

1939 The Lone Ranger Rides Again
Starring: Robert Livingston as the Lone Ranger, Chief Thundercloud as Tonto, Studio: Republic
Note: Another 15-chapter Lone Ranger serial.

1939 The Return of the Cisco Kid
Starring: Warner Baxter, Lynn Bari, Cesar Romero, Henry Hull, Studio: 20 th Century Fox
Note: O. Henry's short story of a gunfight between an out­law and a Ranger catapulted the outlaw, not the Ranger, into fame.

1940 Buzzy Rides the Range

1940 The Man from Tumbleweeds
Starring: Bill Elliott, Dub Taylor, Iris Meredith, Studio: Columbia

1940 Northwest Mounted Police
Starring: Gary Cooper, Madeleine Carroll, Paulette Goddard, Preston Foster, Studio: Paramount
Note: The title correctly implies a Canadian setting, but Gary Cooper plays a Texas Ranger on the trail of a killer. This was Cecile B. de Mille's first color film.

1940 Rangers of Fortune
Starring: Fred MacMurray, Patricia Morison, Albert Dekker, Studio: Paramount

1940 The Ranger and the Lady
Starring: Roy Rogers, George "Gabby" Hayes, Julie Bishop, Harry Wends, Henry Brandon, Noble Johnson, Studio: Republic
Note: Rogers plays a singing Ranger who comes to the assistance of a lady wagon train boss.

1940 Rocky Mountain Rangers
Starring: Robert Livingston, Raymond Hatton, Duncan Renaldo, Studio: Republic
Note: Part of the Three Mesquiteers series.

1940 The Texas Rangers Ride Again
Starring: John Howard, Ellen Drew, Akin Tamiroff, May Robson, Broderick Crawford, May Robson, Charley Grapewin, Studio: Paramount, Screenplay: William R. Lipman and Horace McCoy, Director: James Hogan
Note: Rangers investigate whereabouts of a large herd of missing cattle. As the promotional copy put it, "daring rescues, shootouts and hoof-pounding chases."

1940 Two-Fisted Rangers
Starring: Pat Brady, Bill Cody Jr., Dick Curtis, Kenneth R. MacDonald, Iris Meredith, Bob Nolan, Charles Starrett, Wally Wales, Studio: Columbia

1941 Dead or Alive

1941 Desert Bandit
Starring: Don Barry, Lynn Merrick, William Haade, Studio: Republic

1941 Desert Patrol

1941 Dynamite Canyon
Starring: Tom Keene, Evelyn Finley, Slim Andrews, Studio: Monogram

1941 King of the Texas Rangers
Starring: Sammy Baugh, Duncan Renaldo, Neil Hamilton, Pauline Moore, Studio: Republic Pictures
Note: Modern Rangers face Nazi spies based in a dirigible above Texas in this 12-chapter serial. Former football star "Slingin"' Sammy Baugh plays Texas Ranger Sergeant Tom King. Get it? King, of the Texas Rangers.

1941 Last of the Duanes
Starring: George Montgomery, Lynne Roberts, Eve Arden, Francis Ford, Studio: 20th Century Fox
Note: Screen version of a Zane Grey work.

1941 Rawhide Rangers
Starring: Johnny Mack Brown, Fuzzy Knight, Nell O'Day, Studio: Universal

1941 Riders of the Badlands
Starring: Charles Starrert, Russell Hayden, Cliff Edwards, Ilene Brewer, Studio: Columbia

1941 Riders of the Purple Sage
Note: Screen version of a Zane Grey work.

1941 Rollin' Home to Texas

1942 Bandit Ranger
Starring: Tim Holt, Cliff Edwards, Joan Barclay, Kenneth Harlan, Studio: RKO

1942 Come On, Danger!
Starring: Tim Holt, Frances Neal, Ray Whitley, Studio: RKO
Note: Remake of 1932 movie with same title.

1942 Down Rio Grande Way

1942 Down Texas Way

1942 The Lone Star Ranger
Starring: John Kimbrough, Sheila Ryan, Jonathan Hale, William Farnum, Studio: 20 th Century Fox
Note: Another incarnation of Zane Grey's Ranger novel.

1942 Riders of the Northland

1943 Bad Men of Thunder Gap

1943 Beyond the Last Frontier

1943 Fighting Valley
Starring: John Elliott, Charles King

1943 Hail to the Rangers
Starring: Ernie Adams, Ted Adams, Leota Atcher, Robert Owen Atcher, Lloyd Bridges, Davison Clark, Arthur Hunnicutt, Jack Kirk, Tom London, Charles Starrett, Norman Willis, Studio: Columbia

1943 Rangers Take Over
Starring: James Newill, Dave O'Brien, Guy Wilkerson, Forrest Taylor, I. Stanford Jolley, Iris Meredith, Studio: PRC

1943 The Return of the Rangers
Starring: Richard Alexander, Robert Barron, Henry Hall, Harry Harvey, I. Stanford Jolley, Charles King, Emmett Lynn, James Newill, Dave O'Brien, Nell O'Day, Glenn Strange, Guy Wilkerson, Studio: PRC

1943 Thundering Trails

1943 West of Texas
Starring: Dave O'Brien, Jim Newill, Guy Wilkerson, Frances Gladwin, Studio: PRC

1944 Cyclone Prairie Rangers
Starring: Charles Starrett, Dub Taylor, Constance Worth, Jimmy Davis, Studio: Columbia

1944 Guns of the Law

1944 Gunsmoke Mesa

1944 Outlaw Roundup

1944 Spook Town
Starring: Dave O'Brien, Jim Newill, Guy Wilkerson, Mady Lawrence, Studio: PRC

1944 Trail of Terror

1944 Whispering Skull
Starring: Dave O'Brien, Tex Ritter, Guy Wilkerson, Denny Burke, Studio: PRC

1945 Along the Navajo Trail
Starring: Roy Rogers, George Hayes, Dale Evans, Estelita Rodriguez, Studio: Republic

1945 Enemy of the Law

1945 Flaming Bullets
Starring: Tex Ritter, Dave O'Brien, Guy Wilkerson Patricia Knox, Studio: PRC

1945 Frontier Fugitives
Starring: Dave O'Brien, Tex Ritter, Lorraine Miller, Guy Wilkerson, Studio: PRC

1945 Lone Texas Ranger
Starring: Bill Elliott, Bobby Blake, Alice Fleming, Roy Barcroft, Helen Talbot, Studio: Republic

1945 Marked for Murder

1945 Three in the Saddle
Starring: Dave O'Brien, Tex Ritter, Guy Wilkerson, Studio: PRC

1946 Roaring Rangers
Starring: Charles Starrett, Smiley Burnette, Adelle Roberts, Studio: Columbia

1947 Red Hot Rangers

1947 Ridin' Down the Trail

1947 Gallant Legion
Starring: William "Wild Bill" Elliott, Lorna Gray, Joseph Schildkraut, Bruce Cabot, Andy Devine, Jack Holt, Studio: Republic
Note: In this story by John K. Butler and Gerald Geraghty the Rangers save Texas from an evil-minded separatist.

1948 The Fighting Ranger
Starring: Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton, Marshall Reed, Christine Larson, Steve Clark, Milburn Morante, Studio: Monogram

1948 The Rangers Ride
Starring: Jimmy Walker, Dub Taylor, Virginia Belmont, Riley Hill, Studio: Monogram

1949 Ranger of the Cherokee Strip
Starring: Monte Hale, Paul Hurst, Alice Talton, Roy Barcroft, Studio: Republic

1949 Riders of the Whistling Pines
Starring: Gene Autry, Patricia White, Jimmy Lloyd, Douglass Dumbrille, Studio: Columbia

1949 South of Rio

1949 Streets of Laredo
Starring: William Holden, MacDonald Carey, William Bendix, Mona Freeman, Studio: Paramount
Note: A remake of King Vidor's The Texas Rangers.

1950 Border Rangers
Starring: Don Barry, Robert Lowery, Wally Vernon, Pamela Blake, Studio: Lippert

1950 Colorado Ranger
Starring: Jimmy Ellison, Russell Hay den, Fuzzy Knight, Studio: Lippert

1950 Guns of Justice

1950 Law of the Badlands

1951 Prairie Roundup

1951 The Texas Rangers: The Lone Wolf Watchdogs of the Lone Star State
Starring: George Montgomery, Gale Storm, Jerome Courtland, Noah Beery Jr., William Bishop, Douglas Kennedy, Studio: Columbia Pictures
Note: Fictional treatment - very - of the Sam Bass story.

1951 My Outlaw Brother
Starring: Mickey Rooney, Robert Stack, Studio: Eagle Lion

1951 Ridin' the Outlaw Trail

1952 Night Stage to Galveston
Starring: Gene Autry, Pat Buttram, Virginia Huston, Thurston Hall, Studio: Columbia
Note: Gene Autry plays a singing Ranger.

1953 Star of Texas
Starring: Wayne Morris, Paul Fix, Frank Ferguson, Studio: Westwood/Allied Artists

1953 Winning of the West
Starring: Gene Autry, Gail Davis, Smiley Burnette, Studio: Columbia

1955 The Lone Ranger
Starring: Clayton Moore as the Lone Ranger, Jay Silverheels as Tonto, Studio: Warner Brothers
Note: The Lone Ranger and his faithful Indian companion appear in color for the first time.

1956 The Searchers
Starring: John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Miles, Ward Bond, Studio: Warner Brothers
Note: Considered by many to be one of the best Westerns ever.

1958 The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold
Starring: Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels, Studio: United Artists
Note: The Lone Ranger and Tonto solve the mysterious murders of three Indians wearing gold medallions.

1959 Frontier Rangers

1960 Seven Ways from Sundown
Starring: Audie Murphy, Barry Sullivan, Studio: Universal

1961 The Last Rebel

1966 Lonesome Ranger

1968 Three Guns for Texas
Starring: Neville Brand, Peter Brown, William Smith, Studio: Universal
Note: Television feature film.

1969 The Great Bank Robbery
Starring: Zero Mostel, Kim Novak, Clint Walker, Studio: Warner Brothers

1969 The Over-the-Hill Gang
Starring: Walter Brennan, Pat O'Brien, Edgar Buchanan
Note: Brennan plays former Texas Ranger Captain Hagues in this made-for-TV movie.

1970 The Over-the-Hill-Gang Rides Again
Starring: Walter Brennan, Fred Astaire, Edgar Buchanan, Studio: ABC
Note: Made-for-TV movie sequel to The Over-the-Hill Gang.

1974 The Rangers
Starring: James G. Richardson, Colby Chester, Studio: NBC TV
Note: Made-for-TV movie.

1974 The Sugarland Express
Starring: Goldie Hawn, Ben Johnson, Michael Sacks, William Atherton, Studio: Universal
Note: Based on a true story, the 1969 abduction of a Texas Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol Trooper. The only Ranger aspect to this movie is that a Ranger fires the shot that kills the bad guy.

1976 The Town That Dreaded Sundown
Starring: Ben Johnson, Andrew Prine, Studio: American-International
Note: Loosely based on the unsolved 1946 Phantom Murder case in Texarkana, Texas. See Texas Ranger Tales, Volume 1.

1981 The Legend of the Lone Ranger
Starring: Klinton Spilsbury as the Lone Ranger, Michael Horse as Tonto
Note: A new generation gets to see the Lone Ranger story on the big screen.

1981 The Texas Rangers
Note: Made-for-TV movie.

1982 The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez
Starring: Edward James Olmos, Barry Corbin, E.W. Patterson, Moctezuma Esparza, Director: Robert Young
Note: Written by Victor Villasenor as an adaptation of With His Pistol in His Hand by Americo Paredes.

1983 Lone Wolf McQuade
Starring: Chuck Norris
Note: This movie, in which Norris plays a Ranger proficient in the martial arts, was the genesis of his television series hit Walker, Texas Ranger, which premiered in 1993.

1986 Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

1987 Extreme Prejudice
Starring: Nick Nolte
Note: Nolte plays Texas Ranger Jack Benteen in this movie filmed in and around El Paso.

1989 Lonesome Dove
Starring: Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Angelica Huston
Note: The acclaimed made-for-TV miniseries based on Larry McMurtry's Pulitzer-prize winning novel.

1990 A Pair of Aces
Starring: Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson
Note: Made-for-TV movie aired on CBS Jan. 14, 1990. Shot in Austin.

1992 Another Pair of Aces
Starring: Kris Kristofferson, Rip Torn, Willie Nelson
Note: Kristofferson as Texas Ranger Captain "Rip" Metcalf, Rip Torn as Captain Jack Parsons, and Willie Nelson as Billy Roy

1993 A Perfect World
Starring: Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood, Laura Dern, Studio: Warner Brothers

1994 One Riot, One Ranger

1995 Ranger!


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