Frank Myers (Frank Morris, or Jack of Clubs)

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Young County, Texas

    About 1872, Frank Myers, a discharged soldier, who had seen service at Ft. Richardson, who was staying with Isaac Van Hooser, between Dillingham Prairie, and Rock Creek in Jack County, and who was engaged to be married to Miss Mattie Crow, was returning from Jacksboro with his marriage license. Upon his arrival at or near Dillingham Creek, about three miles northeast of Finis, Frank Myers was ambushed by Indians. It has been supposed his horse threw him, for he ran afoot about 100 yards, and sought shelter behind a large post oak tree. Here he was soon killed and scalped.

    Miss Mattie Crow was a sister of William Crow, killed in the Famous Salt Creek Fight, May 16, 1869. She was also a daughter of John Crow, murdered about one year later. And within the next few hours, was engaged to be married to Frank Myers. Consequently within three years, she lost her brother, father and sweetheart.

    Note: Author interviewed John Crow, son of Wm. Crow; and John Van Hooser, son of Isaac Van Hooser; and others who then lived in this section.

The above story is from the book, The West Texas Frontier, by Joseph Carroll McConnell.

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