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Texas Plains Trail Region

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Sherman County | Sherman County Depot Museum | County Named for Sidney Sherman, C.S.A.
Sherman County

Marker Title: Sherman County
Address: US 287, 2 miles S of Stratford
City: Stratford
County: Sherman
Year Marker Erected: 1936
Marker Location: 2 miles south of Stratford on US 287.
Marker Text: Formed from Young and Bexar Territories; Created August 21, 1876; Organized June 13, 1889; Named in Honor of General Sidney Sherman 1805-1873; Commander of the Left Wing of the Army at the Battle of San Jacinto; Member of the Texas Congress 1842-1843; County Seat, Coldwater, 1889; Stratford, Since 1901

Sherman County Depot Museum

Museum Name: Sherman County Depot Museum
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1248
City: Stratford
Zip Code: 79084
Street Address: 17 N Main Street
Area Code: 806
Phone: 396-2582
County: Sherman
Types of Exhibits/Collections: Art, Military, Natural History, Archeology, Photos, Historical, Local/Pioneer History,

County Named for Sidney Sherman, C.S.A.

Marker Title: County Named for Sidney Sherman, C.S.A.
City: Stratford
County: Sherman
Year Marker Erected: 1964
Marker Text: Born in Massachusetts, 1805. Led his crack Kentucky Militia Company to join Texas Army in War for Independence. Commanded cavalry wing, Battle of San Jacinto. Major-General and Congressman, Republic of Texas. Built second railroad west of Mississippi River. First engine to run in Texas was "General Sherman", named in his honor. Put in command of fortifying Galveston, most valued seaport in Texas, at outbreak of Civil War. Set up marine guard and batteries of cannon. Lost eldest son in Galveston recapture, 1863. Gen. Sherman died in 1873. (1964)

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