La Salle County Historical Markers

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Number 27
27-Brush Country Museum | 27-Daniel, Capt. Jasper N. | 27-Ewell, Fort | 27-La Salle County | 27-Waugh, William A.

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27-Brush Country Museum

Museum Name: Brush Country Museum
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 340
Street Address: 112 N. Front
City: Cotulla
Zip Code: 78014
Area Code: 210
Phone: 879-2117
County: La Salle

27-Capt. Jasper N. Daniel

Marker Title: Capt. Jasper N. Daniel
City: Cotulla
County: La Salle
Year Marker Erected: 1977
Marker Location: Cotulla Cemetery
Marker Text: (Oct. 16, 1830 - Aug. 4, 1901) A Georgia native who migrated to Austin County, Texas, in 1853, Jasper N. Daniel was elected to the State Legislature in 1859. During the Civil War (1862-65), he was a captain in the Confederate army. In 1884 Daniel moved with his family to Cotulla. He served as justice of the peace and, from 1892 to 1898, as La Salle County Judge, helping bring order during this area's lawless frontier days. He married Edith Elizabeth Manly (1845-1918) and had 16 children.

27-Fort Ewell

Marker Title: Fort Ewell
City: Cotulla
County: La Salle
Marker Text: Established here in 1852, guarded not only the frontier but the main San Antonio and Laredo Road, which crossed the Nueces River at this point, the Huajuco Crossing. The fort was abandoned in 1854, but when La Salle County was organized in 1880 Fort Ewell was its chief settlement. Near this site stood the first court house, a wooden building, later moved to La Mota Ranch. O. Henry came to Fort Ewell for his mail.

27-La Salle County

Marker Title: La Salle County
Address: Courthouse Square
City: Cotulla
County: La Salle
Year Marker Erected: 1936
Marker Text: The Presidio Rio Grande Road brought travelers to this area for centuries. In 1852 the U.S. Army built and garrisoned Fort Ewell, for protection. The first permanent settler, William A. Waugh, opened a rancho near the Cibolo Crossing on the Spanish Road in 1856. On Feb. 1, 1858, the county was created and named for Robert Cavalier, Sieur de La Salle (1643-1687). The first French explorer of Texas. The county's first post office opened in 1871 at the Guajuco Crossing. County government was organized Nov. 2, 1880, at Crarey's Rancho. Various courthouses existed before 1883, when Cotulla became county seat.

La Salle Shipwreck Project
27-William A. Waugh

Marker Title: William A. Waugh
City: Millett
County: La Salle
Year Marker Erected: 1978
Marker Location: Millett Cemetery - southeast section; FM 469
Marker Text: (1832-1901) An Ohio native who found gold in California in 1849, William A. Waugh settled near the Cibolo Creek Crossing on the Laredo-San Antonio Road in 1856, before La Salle County was created. Waugh served briefly as a Texas Ranger during the border raids called the Cortina War. He was also a merchant, district court clerk, and justice of the peace. Father of three daughters and a son, Waugh contributed significantly to progress in this locality.

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