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Texas Plains Trail Region

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Fire Hall Museum | Foard County | Foard County Courthouse | Foard County Museum/McAdams-Gafford Ranch | Robert L. Foard | Pease River Battlefield
Fire Hall Museum

Museum Name: Fire Hall Museum
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 323
City: Crowell
Zip Code: 79227
Street Address: 105 N. Main
Area Code: 817
Phone: 684-1970
County: Foard
Museum Classification: History, Non-Historic Structure, Museum

Foard County

Marker Title: Foard County
City: Crowell
County: Foard
Year Marker Erected: 1936
Marker Location: From Crowell, take Route 6 (Highway 283) north about 2 miles.
Marker Text: Formed from Hardeman, King, Cottle, and Knox counties; created March 3, 1891, organized April 27, 1891. Named in honor of Robert L. Foard 1831-1998. A Confederate officer prominent lawyer of Columbus, Texas. Crowell, the county seat traversed by a railroad inn 1908.

Foard County Courthouse

Marker Title: Foard County Courthouse
Address: 100 Main at Commerce St. (SH 6 at US 70)
City: Crowell
County: Foard
Year Marker Erected: 2001
Marker Location: 100 Main at Commerce St. (SH 6 at US 70)
Marker Text: Foard County Courthouse. This is the second courthouse to serve Foard County since its creation in 1891. By 1909, the first courthouse proved too small for the needs of the county, and voters passed a bond election for the purpose of building a new one. The Commissioners Court selected Elmer G. Withers as architect, R.H. Stuckey as superintendent, and G.W. Brillhart of Abilene as contractor. Completed in 1910, the Classical Revival courthouse featured a statue of Lady Justice atop a domed cupola and prominent porticoes with paired Corinthian columns on each side. Tornado damage in 1942 resulted in the loss of these features, but the courthouse was repaired and still retains the basic configuration of its original design. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 2001

Foard County Museum/McAdams-Gafford Ranch

Museum Name: Foard County Museum /McAdams-Gafford Ranch
Mailing Address: Box 609
City: Crowell
Zip Code: 79227
Area Code: 817
Phone: 655-3395
County: Foard
Museum Classification: Historic House, Non-Historic Structure

Robert L. Foard

Marker Title: Robert L. Foard
City: Crowell
County: Foard
Year Marker Erected: 1963
Marker Location: Courthouse lawn, Highway 6-Crowell, TX
Marker Text: Star and Wreath County named honor Texas Confederate officer (1836 - 1898) Came to Texas from Maryland, 1853. Prominent pioneer lawyer and citizen. Lt. Columbus Grays Texas Militia Co. 1861. Confederate major 13th Texas Infantry Regiment, which successfully guarded portion Texas coast against raiding parties from Union blockading vessels. 13th stationed 7 weeks, 1863, Brashear City, LA., as part campaign to prevent split of South by loss of Mississippi River. Returned to coast duty until war's end. A memorial to Texans who served the Confederacy. Erected by the State of Texas, 1963

Pease River Battlefield

Marker Title: Pease River Battlefield
City: Crowell
County: Foard
Year Marker Erected: 1968
Marker Location: In city park, Highway 6-Crowell (site located 8 miles northeast)
Marker Text: In 1860, at the Battle of Pease River, Indian captive Cynthia Ann Parker and her daughter, Prairie Flower, were rescued by Texas Rangers under Captain L.S. Ross (later Governor of Texas). Cynthia Ann, most celebrated of all Comanche captives, had been taken at age 9 in a raid on Fort Parker, May 19, 1836. Traders who saw her later said she had taken the name "Naduah" and wished to remain among her adopted people. She married Chief Peta Nocona, by whom she had 2 sons, Pecos and Quanah Parker. Although she was returned to her uncle's family, she was never completely happy and tried to escape several times. She died 1864. (1968)

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